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What Is Legalism???

Did  you know what legalism was when you first came to church on your own? Did this term come to your mind when you first stepped foot in Rony Denis’ House of Prayer church?

Are we supposed to be trusting in rules or in Jesus?

Legalism was definitely dealt with and taught against in the New Testament although Rony Denis promoted it.

The Pharisees and the wheels of legalism are still grinding in 2017.

So, why are so many people drawn to legalism? Is it because our pride wants us to feel like we are actually earning our salvation? Or could it be that we actually feel like we are better than others by keeping some rules that they don’t keep? Does it give us a sense of accomplishment even though on the cross Jesus said it is finished?

Are we saved by getting to work for God or are we saved by grace through faith in Him? The Bible actually teaches the latter.

After salvation then what? Are we not saved unto good works? Did Paul say that we should continue in sin that grace may abound? Of course not, but just like anything else people will pervert the truth. For example, there are perversions in the prosperity gospel message but does that mean that God does not want us to prosper? Just because some may pervert the message of God’s grace doesn’t mean it’s not real or that it condones lifestyles characterized by the works of the flesh. True faith in God produces or works love which enables us to obey God and it is not grievous. Is it fair to say that those in or used to be in the legalism circles have felt like someone will punch you in the face if you don’t obey their convictions or commandments?


 I don’t think a knuckle sandwich gospel is what Jesus had in mind when he gave us the Great Commission.  Did you know that Rony Denis has said that he wanted to punch people in the face?

I don’t think the desire of God’s relationship with us is one of fist to cuffs, or being shackled by man (Rony Denis) made rules.

The load of sin was enough to bear. Why do we need to add another burden of legalism. Can’t we just carry our cross?

How does this happen? The cross is not enough?

As you can see the Galatians fell for it as well!

Is this not a perfect picture of what Rony Denis is doing?

The wolf, Rony Denis, has led many people away with his false gospel of legalistic man worship.

 The truth is that you will go crazy trying to keep up with the ever changing winds of legalism!

When it’s all said and done I’ll choose grace. What about you?

Free at last, Free at last, thank God and His Amazing Grace through Jesus Christ, we are Free at last from “massa” Denis’ legalism!

No Excuses!!!

We want to encourage everyone who have left Denis‘ cult or who are contemplating leaving Denis‘ cult.



The Devil will give us many excuses of why we need to give up and quit living for God. But we need to tell the Devil:

Denis and others may have done us wrong but God has never done us wrong. God is good! If we are honest we would have to admit that some of our experiences, not all but at least some, in HOPCC were not good because of our own making. We blame everything on the cult leader but in all honesty we need to take some the blame as well.

Rony Denis, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, was bad and the ministers still over there are certainly without excuse but at the end of the day we made our own choices.

Denis got away with a lot of his foolishness because we made excuses for him. We didn’t have to be deceived, but thanks be to God and His grace we left!

Believe it or not you can serve God without Rony Denis or anyone looking over your shoulder. You can have victory and joy. If you’re married your marriage can be blessed despite Denis‘ devices! If you have children you can be a real mom and dad to them like God wants you to be.

Jesus still loves you! He didn’t quit on you. The Bible is still right no matter what Denis said. The Devil quotes scripture as well, albeit out of context.

Thank God Rony Denis and cult is not the final chapter of our lives! If you keep making excuses for why you can’t be faithful to God it will be, but if you lay aside your excuses and look to Jesus it won’t be!

The Man Who Invited Rony Denis To Church In NTCC

Rony Denis tells a story of how Rev. C.J. Annis invited him out church in NTCC and the rest is history. Of course Denis was already “saved” before he came to NTCC. We want to show you how he repays his old friend by using his Facebook account to somehow link him with people off of Twitter with pornographic pictures. We tried to clean it up with cropping and marking out the lewd pictures Denis showed his ministers and members. I can only imagine the people he has caused to stumble by offering them pornography right in the church!

With friends like Denis, who you brought to church, who needs enemies?

No Dogs Allowed in Rony Denis’ Cult!


Eatie Rodriguez survived a brutal onslaught by Rony Denis and escaped to freedom when his owners fled the cult. Just like King Herod who ordered the massacre of children to eliminate Jesus, Rony Denis has ordered that none have dogs in his cult because all affection must be for him, the big dog.

At one time in the cult Eatie Rodriguez got terribly sick. Ironically Denis called the Rodriguez’s over to his compound and began teaching on people missing church because their dogs are sick. When they got home Eatie was violently sick vomiting blood, no control of his bowels which also had blood, and liver damage per a veterinarian visit. The first thought was that Eatie must have eaten a poisonous mushroom, which he normally didn’t mess with before. The next conclusion after further research was that Eatie must have been deliberately poisoned. The only one who would fit as a possible suspect would be Anthony Oloans. Tony, as he is called, lived with the Rodriguez’s under what he called the “Homeless Ministry” program. It was actually a hiding place for his illegal activities. While he lived with the Rodriguez’s he showed and expressed visible disdain for their dog, Eatie. Oloans even expressed that where he is from they eat dogs!

So, Denis possibly ordered Oloans to poison the dog. Denis already had the dog on his radar when he ordered the owners to keep him on the outside. A little house dog kicked out to brave the elements of the outside in Hinesville, GA. Even Darnell Emanuel told them that Eatie would not survive on the outside.

Through out all that came against him Eatie was able to out maneuver Rony Denis. Prayer was made for his recovery from his sickness and he recovered. He escaped Denis’ trap and survived and so can you!

Now he can be a happy dog again!

Instead of throwing the dog out throw Rony Denis out! Throw Jimmy out so that your dog will be happy again!

Highlights From The Protest!!!

Here are some highlights from the 7/15/17 Hinesville,GA Fellowship Meeting!

Here we have one of the henchmen for the cult leader, Jeffrey Derby, passing by in a nice pick-up truck which probably belongs to someone else just in case he gets out of line Rony Denis can snatch it from him and put him in a beater like he did before.

Here we have the the sellout Gerald Robertson. He was declared at onetime to be the amour bearer to the cult leader Rony Denis. Robertson is shown here no doubt pleading with the sheriff to put an end to the protest. The sheriff is probably explaining to Robertson that the protesters have a right to protest. Robertson is probably bewildered because the right he understands is the only right to worship his pastor and he life Rony Denis.

This sister was hiding her face as she walked to the church.

Next we have the elaborate cult leader’s wife, Marjorie Denis. She is watching the protesters and probably uttering a prayer of destruction upon them. She knows her husband is a nut ? job and is probably planning her on escape like the young sisters that she attempted to mentor has already done. Rony Denis had trashed her years ago for threatening to leave him. She is a perfect example of a person who has worldly riches but no peace, joy, or happiness for these things to be lasting come only from God. She is a very depressed looking woman who has perfected the art of the fake smile.

Last but not least, the shadowy cult leader, Rony Denis, makes his departure from the failed indoctrination church service thanks to the protesters. He is visibly fuming ? and has earned the title as the angriest man on the planet! It is reported that Rony Denis, the cult leader, said that he WILL NOT TOLERATE the protesters anymore! What will Rony do? Is he blowing and going as usual? Probably so.

We want to say thank you for all of the protesters and those who operate behind the scenes to make of this possible and most of all we thank God who is truly the one who is exposing this wolf in sheep’s clothing, Rony Denis aka lil’ Jimmy Jones.

“Don’t read the newspapers!”

Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Jimmy (Rony Denis) have a lot in common. One thing is that they don’t want freedom of the press. Denis has told his congregants to not read the Coastal Courier anymore. Denis has also barred them from freely using the internet for fear of his practices being exposed!

Can you imagine a little North Korea inside of the U.S.? We have one in Hinesville, GA.

We can speak but you can’t!

God’s Amazing (Hyper, Great, Abundant) Grace of God

Rony Denis has done all he can to remove God’s amazing grace from His plan of salvation for humanity. Aren’t you glad Rony Denis is a liar and the Bible is the truth! Rony Denis says we can’t be saved unless we do everything his way. His theology is that we must work our way to God’s heaven. We must earn God’s favor. Aren’t you glad that the Bible doesn’t say that?

It’s only by God’s grace that we can change. God’s goodness leads us to repentance/changing our mind towards God. Our lifestyle changes because of His grace. Rony Denis and his following has turned prayer, Bible reading, soul winning, and a whole host of other “spiritual” exercises into works that will merit you God’s favor. This error has caused the people in his following to live under heavy condemnation because they can never attain in their mind to God’s approval (really Denis’ approval). This causes these so-called “Delta Force/ Prayer Force” for Christ to be constantly in state of no victory with sin abounding. They claim to be living “Holy” because of their much praying and church attendance but lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, hypocrisy and perversion of various kinds is far from Holy! The people are truly broken and empty on the inside.

God’s grace provides the love that the Spirit of God spreads in our heart. By His grace we can love God and others. We can obey God out of our love for Him not out of obligation in following Rony Denis’ rules which lead to a life of hypocrisy. Rony Denis would say let not fornication be named once among you but the Bible actually says: But fornication, and all uncleaness, or covetousness, let not be once named amongst you, as becometh saints; Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks. What about Denis’ covetousness, foolishness, jesting, and so on.

Does Denis have sin? He likes to expose everyone else’s sin but what about his own? When you can mock someone because they are wearing a purple shirt while you are lying to their face something is deadly wrong.

By God’s grace you can be delivered from Denis’ cult! Our salvation comes by God’s grace not the works of Denis’ law!

I am soooo glad Jesus set me free! ?? By God’s great Grace! Aren’t you?

Exposed Again!!!

Here are some video clips from the 7/15/ 17 Hinesville, The Place of Help cult fellowship meeting.







No Children Allowed!!!

Jesus LOVES the children but Rony Denis does NOT! There are too many horror stories of how Rony Denis would blow up in a rage if someone’s wife was pregnant.

Denis blamed NTCC for having this kind of spirit against the children but look who is calling the kettle BLACK! Denis became 100 times worse than NTCC ever was concerning children.


One way Rony Denis promoted his anti-child unbiblical cultish philosophy was to push for the brethren to have vasectomies.

This, in his twisted thinking, was to be done in order for the married couple to be more “devoted” to God (really to him) and even labeled such false teaching as being a “eunuch” for Christ even though you are married!

The anti-child spirit spread throughout Denis‘ ministers to where one in particular, Alex Schmidtke, would constantly mock, ridicule, and pluck the children in the head.

There is no LOVE for children in the HOPCC Rony Denis led cult! Thank God some of them have escaped!

Please LOVE your children, Jesus does!

Your children are not mistakes but Denis is!

Concerned Families and Friends Unite!

Here is our chance to finally put our money where our mouth is, Rony Denis and his cult hopcc must come down. Help us fund the investigation into the illegal practices of this abusive cult group. Always remember:


This man is guilty! He knows his actions are illegal! Help us liberate the oppressed by bringing this corruption to light!

Help Stop Destructive Groups from Abusing Vulnerable Children and Destroying Families Check it out at:


Support The Billboard!!!

If you desire to be apart of the exposing of a terrible false prophet (Rony, Jim Jones, Denis) in giving financially then b please help with the billboard expense. It has already done an effective job of warning the good people of Hinesville, GA about Denis’ abusive cult!

Here is how you can give:

By phone:


By mail:

BeSeen Outdoor, Inc.

 Brunswick, GA 31520

  2001 Cook Street

You can reference the billboard or Jesus My Glory. This is done all for the glory of God the Father, God the Son Jesus, and God the Holy Ghost!

Thanks to those who already gave. Everything helps!

Rony Denis, The FRAUD!

Rony Denis has something in common with these men in more ways than one:

Rony Denis (born April 28, 1964) is a Haitian born con artist. He has developed an elaborate real estate scheme involving members of his religious cult. He has also been able to scam veterans out of their VA benefits by fooling the VA with a scam Seminary school. He boasts of a net worth of $200 million dollars and has told people that he is “Filthy rich”. However, his riches are a proverbial house of cards built on credit just waiting to come crashing down. He has cleverly been able to escape from the authorities nailing him to his many crimes but his time is running out, he knows he has only a short time left.

Rony Denis/HOPCC Facebook Stalking II

Here we have the evidence of what the “Holiness” cult is feasting off of. These Facebook pictures were printed by Hopcc members at Denis‘ command. These pictures are worst than the ones they were producing when we left the cult. In these pictures Denis is going after the followers or friends of the person with the Facebook account or Twitter account. They then cut and paste pictures to smear the person they want. We have cropped some of the pictures to avoid the exposing of nudity, for this site is family friendly unlike Rony Denis and Hopcc. Here you will find a mixture of NTCC members and former HOPCC members.

Here is a picture Sharita Yorke, a former member of Hopcc. Hopcc took the time to print her picture off of Facebook to show everyone the great sin of posting a picture of herself!

Another “sinful” picture of Sharita with big sunglasses!

Here Hopcc printed out a picture of Cherrie Bowers, a former member of Hopcc. They are somehow linking her with rapper Snoop Dog.

Next is a picture of Mike Kekel, CEO of New Testament Christian Church (NTCC). Rony Denis is extremely bitter against Kekel. Here he links Kekel to a pornographic picture through one of his followers on twitter.

Here we have Rony Denis attacking his wife’s, Marjorie’s, arch rival Tanya Kekel. In Hopcc it is a sin to love being a mom or consider your husband wonderful. Only Jimmy is wonderful. (Jimmy is Denis‘ nickname- short for his “daddy” Jim Jones)


Here we have Sandy Gesang, a member of NTCC, the church Rony Denis split from. Denis is insinuating unnatural affection such as beastiality.

 Here we have George Retana and his wife, former members of Hopcc. Denis is linking Retana to someone Denis deems unacceptable and his wife, Nicole, is being exposed for makeup and earrings a deadly sin in Hopcc.


Next we have Tamisha Purdie, a former member of Denis’ cult, her husband was recently kicked out for not attending the “Persecuted” Conference in Hinesville, GA.


Here Rony Denis is finding fault with Seminary graduate from NTCC. Denis wants his members to notice the dress and shoes of the woman. Can someone tell me what we are supposed to notice?

Here is one Rony Denis had printed with Crystal Hall’s name on it. A pastor’s wife from NTCC.

There are countless numbers of pictures from people’s Facebook or Twitter accounts that Rony Denis has distributed throughout his cult. Rony Denis is a sick man! Even when you have left his church he is still snooping in your business! His henchmen has even manipulated the pictures to portray a narrative of the people that is not even true. Just like Jesus said, Denis is of his father Diabolos.

Rony Denis/HOPCC-The Facebook Stalkers ?

Have you ever wondered if some weirdo cult member was watching you and gawking after your pictures on Facebook? No need to wonder anymore, Rony Denis and his cult of voyeurism have been spying on you for a long time spending thousands of the Lord’s money to sneak a peek!

What really is behind Denisobsession in Facebook stalking former members of his cult and former and current members of NTCC?

Yes, that’s what it is! Rony Denis is researching ways to control his cult by showing them pictures of you on Facebook. He tells them that they too will be on their way to hell like the people who has Facebook if they leave his cult.

The new age perverts are passing around pictures amongst the ministers and members of Hopcc. One of them, R. Ramos, said that he didn’t want to look at some of those pictures because they were pornographic. Denis told him that something was wrong with him. Before Clinton Daniels ran back to Denis he said that some of those pictures were pornographic as well.

The “greatest holiness church” in the world has nothing better to do but to sit around looking at binders filled with Facebook pictures of people that they don’t associate with. There is no open vision so they must resort to Facebook stalking. Rony Denis is quoted saying, “Pray, read your Bible, and look at the pictures everyday.” That is how important Facebook stalking is to these people. It is on the same level as their so-called devotion to God.

I would definitely say that things are being shaken up especially at their HQ in Hinesville, GA where Denis changed the name of his cult to The Place of Help. Maybe they should have named it The Facebook Stalker Church.

Don’t worry people will always LOOK but just make sure that they don’t touch!

Quality Facebook  PICTURES me Lord!

A Testimony From Rony Denis’ Past

Rony Denis, leader of Hopcc/ The Place of Help, goes out of his way to bully and to “crush” people who he feels crosses him. But he goes in panic mode, just like the typical bully, when someone stands up to him. Here is a testimony of someone who knew Rony Denis years ago. It was posted on a blog from a different website in 2011.

The next testimony is from a former member and at the time a current minister in the organization Denis departed from, NTCC.

From someone who was in NTCC and Deniselitist cult break off group, HOPCC, Denis‘ character is certainly lower any of the ministers from NTCC even though they allowed Denis to become what he has become.

The Brown Nose Cheeser Board

These wonderful “brethren” have earned their rite of passage onto the exclusive BROWN NOSER/CHEESER BOARD! They have worked hard and deserve the recognition.

Here we have Todd Retzlaff.  He is another one that Jimmy Denis has used and abused, he is a real glutton for punishment.  With his name attached to foreclosure in the name of “doing it for God” and his wife’s name used to get a car out of a minister’s name who left the cult these two are the ultimate cheesers.  If you need someone to get ratted on here is your man.  He will rat on you to Jimmy in a heartbeat but he won’t rat on himself.  One time he wanted to rat on a minister who was just watching his grandson. Todd thought he heard Denis say that the minister is not allowed to talk to his grandchildren.  What Denis actually said was that the minister could not be around one of his grandsons because he was working on separating his family.

Here is Marcus Labat.  He was and may still be involved in the Bible “College” scam. With the smile of a used car salesman Marcus works hard at scamming the veterans out of their educational benefits from the government. He is another sad case of whom his wife desires a child but because of Rony Denis’ involvement in their marriage and Marcus’ brown nose abilities the answer to the little lady is a resounding NO! Marcus appears to be a very nice and friendly guy until you cross his CULT leader Jimmy Denis. Jimmy comes before everyone to these people, even God!

 Jeff Derby has earned a spot on the shameful brown nosing cheese ball board.  There are eyewitnesses of Jeff bowing down to Rony Denis in an act of worship with his face to the ground.

This Board would not be complete without the original cheeser, William Pilkington.  His cheesing has paid off by Denis installing him as the Hinesville church pastor.  Pilkington did a cut throat job on his in-laws to receive the coveted position.  Of course it was all done “in love.”

You have to give it to these guys, brown nosing can be hard work especially when you’re stepping all over your brothers and sisters.

This is Mike Patterson, one of the biggest cheesers to have ever “graced” or disgraced the church with his presence.  This man has brown nosed Rony Denis so bad that his nose hairs must be made of the fibers of Rony’s fine Italian made suit pant. In one service Mike practically rebuked the pastors on the platform for not praising Rony Denis.  Another time it seemed like he was about to loose his voice screeming so loud to praise the so-called man of God.

Here is Terry Hurd, a bully and former military drill instructor.  He is one of the administrators of the failed Hinesville day school.  A very controlling man suffering from PTSD.  The head ministers have been informed of how he treats his wife ( like Denis does his) but they have turned a blind eye to this tragic problem.

Joe Fryar tried to escape before but the cheese and the brown nosing was to much to leave behind. He is the anchor of the cheese ball board.

This the Rev. Caesar Vargas Jordan, a.k.a C.J. He is a perfect example of a child whom has been groomed in Hopcc by Rony Denis. At age 9 Rony Denis, the national “Apostle” of House of Prayer, told his mother that he wanted C.J. and went on to say that his mother had a curse on her life and they, the mom and dad, would only mess up their child. C.J.’s mom told the “man of God” No! I’m not giving you C.J. If she only had known what was in store for this very bright child who excelled greatly academically. Rony Denis would began grooming and working with C.J. so that he would later turn on his family, the very mom who brought him into this world, and the very dad that provided for him. As you can see in the videos, to the point where the Sheriff had to pull him out of his mother’s face! What an amazement, raised in the “Holiness”church (the one that is supposed to be delta force for Christ) but they haven’t learned the simple truths of honoring your mother and father or loving your enemies. What a sad day it is for House of Prayer when their younger generation is so disrespectful to those who have nurtured them. I’m glad Jesus wasn’t like that, for he even made provision for his mother before he physically left this earth.

Here we have someone whom Denis has set up for failure, Trell Felder. Denis proclaimed him to be the pastor of the Fayetville church but when elevating a novice trouble will follow. Denis yanked Trell from the mess of Fayetville and shipped him back to Augusta. It appears Denis is still trying to make good on his false predictions and has apparently moved Trell to Killeen to be a pastor there. Please pray for him, Denis and company has done his parents wrong.

STAY AWAY! It’s for your own safety!

THE SANHEDRIN BOARD, back by popular demand!

Here we have several men that are just as accountable as Rev. Denis, these men have helped Rev. Denis in his demise, and are to fearful to take a stand for God, if these men would have more fear for the one that can destroy body and soul! Rev.  Denis would not get away with the sinful corrupt and wicked establishment he has created.

This is the Rev. G. Robertson a very compassionate  man with a heart for God. He is often not used on the forefront because he has some “heart” left. Rev. Denis as a bully trashes this man and abuses him, he is used to comfort those that are going through battles from the cult. People are often let down by Rev. Robertson because they see a compassionate side to him and how he cares about people’s issues but when it comes down to when the rubber meets the road between Rev. Denis and a Soul, he has stated that Rev. Denis is his life not Jesus, he is the Rev. J. H. Olson for HOPCC.

This is the Rev. Alexander Schmidtke, one of the beloved pastors of Rev. Denis. He has one of the largest churches in HOPCC which brings in lots of revenue for Rev. Denis.  He is the type of person that is very undermining, he has always had questionable  Christian character and instead of Rev. Denis being a real man of God and helping him, he uses his character flaws to his advantage i.e when a brother is down you stomp on them, you inflate stories, and use them to your advantage. No real love for his brothers and sisters, but on the other hand  look who he is being taught by.

This is the Rev. Arlen Bradeen, the Pastor of Hinesville hopcc church. A real sincere man, has a very scholarly knowledge of the Bible, even above Rev. Denis’s pure spiritism, charismatic, wisdom of this world which is sensual and devilish. He is one of the few pastors that had a fire shut up in his bones, and had enough courage to stand up against Rev. Denis. Unfortunately Rev. Denis and his worldly wisdom has effectively bewitched his family using money, houses, and cars to win their souls and causing them to stand against Rev. Bradeen and even making Rev. Bradeen admit that he had never been saved!! Breaking him down to submit to him and his worldly wisdom. Rev. Bradeen spoke the truth when he told Rev. Denis he had an angry spirit. Pray for him that he would awaken to the deception, because through him a lot of people may follow.


This is the Rev. William Pilkington the former Pastor of the Killeen TX church, he now resides in Hinesville GA, He was reached underneath Rev. Ashmore’s ministry around 20 years ago and destroyed underneath Rev. Denis’s, but according to him he recently got saved last year. Being taught underneath Rev. Denis’s sensual and devilish wisdom he was instructed to call the Brothers and different ones and ask them questions about anal and oral sex and if you think it’s right or not, this is there litmus test to determine wether you are saved or not. Recently Rev. Pilkington had asked a older minister someone that is his elder if they could do a favor for him, out of the kindness of the minister’s heart he did it. The minister went on to tell Rev. Pilkington that he needed to pray for his pastor Rev. Denis because he is corrupt, Rev. Pilkington put his hands over his ears and screamed “Don’t go there!” And then proceeded to put his hands on the elder minister and pushed him away! When asked why he had done this, he said the Bible says to not touch the Lords annointed, so he went on to physically do so himself. My friends even Jesus didn’t respond in that manner,when it was actually the Lords annointed! But when you are above Jesus and become a Pharisee you will follow your Father the devil.

Here we have the Reverend Anthony (Tony) Oloans, he by far is one of the most wicked behind the scenes men that you will ever meet.  He is the chief orchestrator of all the fraudulent loans, real estate fraud, refinancing loans without people’s knowledge, one who practices forgery, produces false power of attorneys. He is a very smooth talker but a true weasel.  Anthony Oloans was the former pastor of the NTCC Hinesville, GA church, his character is “Doeg the Edomite” This man works like a slave under the cruel taskmaster of Rev. Denis living on very little sleep, having sold his soul for Rev. Denis he has become a over compulsive yes man. He is the “fall man” for Rev Denis, but happily so, when he received $100,000 from Rev. Denis, he obviously was for sale and has been purchased, but not by the Blood of Jesus. Anthony Oloans is doing his best working from Sun up till Sun down to keep HOPCC afloat, fleecing the flock as he goes. We need Jesus to come back to cleanse the temple! And throw out the money changers, It used to be House of Prayer and now is a den of thieves. How this man can even have a conscience when what he has done to people is ruin there lives, and credit, and finances, while he provides cash for Rev. Denis and his beach houses and Rolls Royce is beyond me. There is alot of Blood on this mans hands.

Rev. Hugh S. Virgo is the former Pastor of Tacoma Wa. The brother in law of Rev. Denis, I’ve known this man a long time, he is a mighty strong man and very tall, hands the size of a baseball glove. In the military he was a boxer, of  Jamaican decent and grew up on the mean streets of N.Y known for the violence and street toughness. He had great courage, and could often identify with the common man, not one of flashiness but very simple, he had great boldness in NTCC even withstanding to the face the President of the Organization, by standing up in the middle of the service, calling him out on his lies. But unfortunately this is no match for the deamon spirits in Rev. Denis, tough man Virgo has been crushed  to a baby, and even forced to deny Christ! For out of his mouth when called on the carpet and   was asked, if God himself came from heaven and told him that Rev. Denis was not of God what would he say, Rev. Virgo fearfully answered and said that he would have to respectfully disagree with God! He denied Christ that day and sold his soul to Rev. Denis, having truth only on the outward is no match for the devil.

Here we have the Reverend David Huff.  A follower of the Reverend Denis since the early 90’s. There has been many church members who have complained about Huffs mistreatment of them.  One person said that they only came to the Savannah, GA prayer meetings, where Huff pastored, just to hear the gossip of the church. Denis has said that Huff’s ministry was beautiful while his members suffered underneath his oppression. All he was trying to do was act like his pastor Rony Denis.  The tables turned on Huff and he was now asking for Denis’ forgiveness because Huff confessed to being bitter at Denis.  Of course Denis didn’t forgive him but rewarded him with the same treatment Huff gave to his members, public humiliation. Huff’s wife Yolanda also exposed Denis concerning the many lies of HOPCC.  Denis worked hard to “crush” her and get her to loose her mind. He had her to apologize to the church and claimed her health problems were due to her disobedience to him.

Here we have the Reverend Dennis Norstrant. Norstrant is the back room book keeper of HOPCC. He is the money man who Rony Denis barely if ever criticizes. For those of you who are familiar with NTCC, Norstrant has become the Difrancesco of HOPCC. Denis uses him as an example for all to follow, a minister who doesn’t take any money from the church. He has praised Norstrant for him not giving him a hard time. This means that Norstrant has been absolutely compliant with Denis’ wicked ways without any conviction of apprehension detected from Denis. Norstrant also serves as the fraudulent notary. Using his notary seal on many fraudulent power of attorney paperwork. Norstrant’ wife took of calling Rony Denis out on his fraudulent rapture claim. The effectively persuaded her to come, after all she is the bread winner with her disability income. ?


Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. Genesis 3:1

Here we have the Rev. Rony Denis the Master behind the destruction and downfall of HOPCC. During several times of reflection and musing, I’ve come to the conclusion that this man was solely introduced to the Christian church by the devil and transformed himself as the Angel of light to deceive many. 

Although he was known to supposedly have a life of prayer, when you search his life you will find that he has always had seeds of corruption, whether it was an angry spirit, one of deception, a liar, one that would twist the truth, and play politics, but what is very disturbing is that he also had subtle elements of Voodoo or spiritism.

The Bible teaches us that this not a great thing there are deceitful workers who transform themselves in Apostles of Christ. He never was a real true disciple of Christ, his secret past, shows that he always had something to hide just like his Spiritual and earthly father.

A very wicked man, with a past of secrets and lies, he built this HOPCC on one premise and that was to make himself rich and prosperous and to be in control of everything, a true dictator and narcissist at heart. What a wicked man to destroy so many lives. There is a lot of Blood on his hands, he is a true worker of iniquity.

Although whenever the Gospel is preached people can get saved, and there are many that can testify of this, this does not change the fact that Rev Denis is corrupt, the Bible has already covered this that many preach the  Gospel for many things or reasons, but God’s word will not come back void. My House shall be called the House of Prayer, but it is now a den of thieves.


The conclusion: All of the NTCC ministers which are called senior ministers, will stand in account for all that they have witnessed happen, and have not done one thing, there is one thing for sure, if the Senior minister’s had stood against this spirit entering the church, Rev. Denis would not have gotten away with the wickedness that he has, and he knows this as well and has went out of his way to ultimately destroy there testimonies there character, for one thing for sure if there was to be an uprising it would come from one of these men. 

Rony Denis and Hopcc Style Marriage

Matchmaker Rony Denis has manipulated a lot of marriages in his cult. He designed many of them to turn the spouses against each other, the old divide and conquer method.

Rony Denis creates the problem and blames his preachers when issues arise in the marriages. Many times the preachers are busy trying to prevent WWIII in the home.

Rony Denis takes advantage of veterans and uses them to marry them off to who he thinks is strategically right for his cultish purposes.

Nowadays, if a spouse is not falling in line with his cult teachings, he says that he has “power” to divorce you!

Even though Rony Denis meant you harm, God can and often causes the devil’s plans to backfire. Your marriage can work for the good. All it needs is to take Rony Denis out and replace him with JESUS!

Your marriage doesn’t have to look like this:

With JESUS on the throne of your hearts it can look like this:



Here we have the WEASEL BOARD, these are a group of men that are striving their best to earn their rite of passage to the SANHEDRIN BOARD.  Although they are not as accountable as the Sanhedrin Board, they have went out of their way to destroy and ruin peoples lives for their own profit, chasing the carrot stick and brown nosing trying to become something they are not and in Rev. Denis’ eyes never will be! They often are used to do a lot of dirty work. Here it goes…..

Here we have Joshua Heitzman, the pastor of the Savannah church in Georgia, a novice at best! He himself has tried to leave the CULT, and has often piped up about the crookedness of the church, but  unfortunately he has become one of Rony Denis’ greatest spokesmen despite hanging up the phone on Rony when he got angry with him. Rony Denis got over on Heitzmans with a BMW ponzi scheme and when Heitzman’s wife called him out on it Jimmy went through the roof! Suffering with a anger problem, you can often see a side of Heitzman that should not be displayed by a pastor, but as you see Rony Denis has elevated a novice again, he specializes in name calling, and false spirituality. Listen to a clip of his anti-family rhetoric:

Why do these people hate their families so much?


Here we have Joseph Fryar, the real toilet paper runner and boy does he run. He runs to facebook, and Twitter accounts to print off pictures of people and then deliver them to Rony Denis so he can look at the pictures and point out all the “sins and flaws” of the people while leaving his own sins intact and unrepentant of. He runs to every store in Georgia to purchase things for the cruel taskmaster. One time Joe Fryar tried to escape and RUN for his own life from this CULT as well!  He ran off to NC, unfortunately the brothers let the air of of his tires and later threw him in the back seat and drove him back to Denisville (Hinesville) where Rony Denis was happily waiting, and blessed him with the job of the toilet paper runner. He will always remind Joe of what he did to “him” (for it’s not about God anymore) seeing how he doesn’t forgive or forget. If you leave the cult Jimmy takes it personally.  Joe knows it’s corrupt in Hopcc. He told one minister he was going to call him about some “things” but the call never came.  After Denis put on one of his performances Joe told another ministerto disregard what Denis said.  There maybe some hope for ole Joe. Run Joe, Run!

Even though William Pilkington is a member of the awful Sanhedrin Board he also earned the rite of passage to be amongst the weasels.  Once thought of to be a compassionate, hospitable, and friendly guy has backslid into a Jimmy Jones assistant who answers to no one but Rony Denis. Pilkington has sadly turned from the one who would rescue you to the one who will administer the kook-aid to you.

Here we have Jeff Derby, Denis’ personal missionary.  Denis has used poor Jeff to call different ministers to harass them with foolish questions from Rony Denis. Anything Jeff deems to be anti-Denis will be reported immediately.  Jeff is the one who turned the brother in for supposedly calling Rony Denis “buck toothed”.  Rony was not happy about that report. Derby a true missionary at heart, is only allowed to do missions that Jimmy allows and only if he promises to give Jimmy all the honor and glory on everything that happened or did not happen on his missionary  endeavors. Once returning to the States Derby has be ready to give an answer to all of Jimmys set up questions, poor Derby because once he responded in the wrong way, and was banished to work for Jimmy on his premises to take care of the Precious birds that belong to Jimmy his nice vehicle was taken away, and was lowered to the status of a womanizer.

This is Gabriel Rodriguez.  He had planned on hiding his brother John Rodriguez from Rony Denis when his brother informed him of Denis’ occult practices.  Everything changed when Denis spoke to Gabe.  The weak minded military strongman was reduced to throwing his brother and his brother’ family under the bus.

This is the builder James (Jim) Benton.  A man who used to be sincere but after meeting Rony Denis has become as crooked as they come.

Don’t let the smile fool you, David Reip is a “good fella” mafia style.  A Denis loyalist from his beginning days in Woodbook, WA.  Once he was upset with Denis and spoke of poisoning him! What a great “church.” If you get on these people’s bad side look out.


Here we have Ramen Nesari. A former Afghani Muslim who converted to Christianity. It is a wonderful testimony, unfortunately it’s not how you start that counts the most but how you finish. To start with Christ and then to end with Denis as your lord is devastating. Nesari has been accused of being a woman hater and a Muslim dictator who mistreats females including his daughter.  Denis also uses Nesari’s wife to keep him inline like ratting him out from not taking a shower at night to spending time with his daughter.

Hopcc/ Rony Denis and the Fourth of July

Some years back someone from the Greensboro, NC church texted Rony Denis a picture of some fireworks during the 4th of July weekend. The pastor of the church at the time received a phone call from Rony Denis who asked about the fireworks picture citing that watching fireworks were wrong because it’s similar to watching moving pictures and that it is worldly entertainment. Oddly he didn’t tell the young pastor that real estate fraud, lying, splitting up marriages, destroying lives, teaching false doctrines, and stealing someone’s wife was was wrong.

I think I will take the fireworks over the other stuff!

Egg on HOPCC’s And Rony Denis’ Face

The hopcc cult can’t help but to continually have egg splattered on their face.

Rony Denis and his Hopcc (The Place of Help) followers looked very foolish during the town hall meeting.

What an embarrassment to the body of Christ! Instead of just staying home Hopcc (Place of help) cult had to come and leave their mark on what would have been a peaceful meeting. The ones who looked bad was them.

Why does the so called man of God, Rony Denis, hide behind CJ Vargas?

Rony Denis uses and abuses people causing his followers to live in a bubble.

The people are trapped in Denis‘ cult and want to escape but are afraid. They have been believing lies for years.

They actually close their ears to truth and try to find solace in their bubble. But one day the bubble will burst, and then what?

Denis‘ cult mindset keeps his members stuck in a 1950’s bubble. If you don’t LOOK like a museum relic from the PAST then according to Denis and his cult you are not HOLY.

There is nothing wrong if you like that style but something is wrong when you equate this style or any style with salvation. The Bible does mention modesty but is modesty limited to 1950’s fashion? Did Jesus and the 1st century disciples look like 1950’s throwbacks?

In this article Rony Denis, the leader who hides behind children, through CJ Vargas claims that his cult is like the AOG, COG, and Methodist churches from 100 years ago! Why don’t they go back 2,000 years to Jesus’ day? Jesus wouldn’t be welcomed because of his beard, sandals, and his non-elitest spirit of the Pharisees. And the King of kings better not be wearing the royal color of purple! So, Hopcc/Rony Denis/The Place of Help believes you can’t be “Holy” unless you’re living like 100 years ago.

Here a brother who escaped the cult and is exposing the hypocrisy of the cult is mocked because he doesn’t look like the cult members. “Nice purple shirt”, is cult language for their disapproval of your appearance.

The article shows how they are trying to cover for their fraudulent day school. Also how can they hear the “recordings” of people making phone calls to authorities concerning this abusive cult?

No matter what these guys do, they will always have egg on their face!