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Something Has Gone Wrong!

Then-Church history records Charles Finney as a man who prayed amongst others during the revival of America’s second Great Awakening in the 19th century.

Now-In the 21st century we have a plethora of preachers like Rony Denis peddling revival as a front to make merchandise of the people.

Two images of two different men. Both claim revival and both claim to have the Spirit of God. One is a fraud and the other is not.

The apostle Paul was a man who was greatly used of God, yet he NEVER claimed to be the only “man of God” for the entire world!

Rony Denis claims his church is the ONLY church that is right with God and he is the ONLY “man of God” on the planet.

Here we have two men. Both claim to have had revelation and apostolic commission from God. One is telling the truth, the other is not! A picture is worth a thousand words.


Recordings of More LIES During the “Persecution” Conference!

We have some amazing audio of what took place behind the scenes during the Truth Protest to expose the LIES of Rony Denis.  You will hear Jeff Derby and Arlen Bradeen on the first phone call with Bro. Jordan lying to him as they are being lead by their puppet master Rony Denis.  Here you will hear Bradeen say that Denis has not lied! He speaks as if Denis has not sinned since he has been “saved.”

In this next phone conversation after the fake prayer meeting Bro. Jordan continues to  expose the lies of these “preachers” operating for Denis. His son CJ is now introduced into the conversation by Denis but it backfired on Denis as usual.

Notice how Derby LIED by saying Denis was not there when we can hear Denis in the background saying, “It’s people like him (speaking of Bro. Jordan) would still be what….here. ” The love is phony just like Jim Jones Denis!


Just in case you forgot, do you remember this one concerning longtime Hopcc pastor, William Pilkington? The new Hinesville pastor.




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Pre. 5/21/2017 Blog and comments

We Made The News!!!

Channel 3 local news!



More to come!



The House of Prayer in Hinesville Ga, has children devided against their mothers & farthers, they believe in the one true God, the self appointed nigro Cult Leader Rony Denise the the Black Jim Jones!The Pimping Pastor, Pimping all his members for financial and sexual gain! 2017 – 2018 Pimp of the Universe!Join the Rally today, go to www.hopcc.com {John 8:32 – and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free}.Rally today, Saturday May 20, 2017 The House of Prayer, 2540 Airport Road, Hinesville GA 31313 @ 6:30 PM. EVERYONE PLEASE FOWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!Press inquires please contact Gladys Jordan @ 912-492-5043

Posted by Bobby Worthy on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Highlights From The Rally

Here are some highlights from last nights Truth Protest against  Jimmy/Denis and HOPCC .

Here we have cult leader Denis driving up telling his wife, Marjorie, to mock the Truth Protesters by waving at them. Did you know that Rony Denis confessed that his wife tried to leave/escape from him twice?

Here is the great disappointment/coward, Gerard Robertson, Denis’ puppet. He likes to point at people as you can see. But, Robertson don’t forget that three of your own fingers are pointing back at you.

Notice how they gather around their cult leader Denis/(Jim Jones) to hear his worldly wisdom and foolishness! You can see the dark figure inside the truck turned to the crowd feeding them false teaching.

Here is the fearful cult leader walking off after he taunted the Truth Protesters with his sheriff protecting him just like the apostles of old had, NOT!

Here is Tony Oloans. He is taking pictures and or video recording the Truth Protesters.

Here he is mocking a family member protesting because they love their family!

Here he is pleading with the police to remove the protesters! No freedom of speech in Hopcc or in Kim Jung IL’s North Korea!

What was this all about?

That’s what I’m talking about!

Pilkington & Derby come out to intimidate these brave protesters but it didn’t work. In this picture we also see fellow cult members Paz & Hernandez.

Here we have the four horsemen, two of which are known ADULTERERS! The white shirts don’t stand for purity anymore.

Another set of four horsemen two of which are known PERVERTS. The white shirts look clean but are actually filthy.

Here we have a few cult members just bumbling around, following the orders of dear leader.

What’s under the tarp? More toxic manure to make the Truth Protesters sick? I smell lawsuits don’t you? Good ole “Christian” love ❤️ from cult leader Rony Denis. Loving his enemies just like Jesus! NOT!

Devoted cult member, Veronica Hietzman, cheesing hard for her cult leader showing his true colors: CRAZY!

Ladies & Gentlemen this man is CRAZY!

False Prophet Rony Denis 

 The only man of God for the entire planet ??

Are you serious, that people actually believe this nonsense?

What a contrast!

New Video Protest Against Hopcc Cult!



Look these amazing videos of these brave  women exposing Rony Denis and his cult Hopcc!

Last night I supported the protest/rally against House of Prayer and I have to say it's sad to hear what these members…

Posted by Geneva Sobrado on Saturday, May 20, 2017