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Listen to William Pilkington (Current pastor of the Hinesville Church) using Mind Manipulation on this poor unsuspecting sister in the Hinesville, GA Cult. She had no idea that her phone call is being recorded and being used as propaganda to persuade her and other fragile minds that God is still moving amongst the corruption and criminal activity of Rony Denis and HOPCC.


Next we have the truth of what a long time member is like fully under the influence of Rony Denis and HOPCC!

Like Father and Son!

Who is this man?
What was he involved in?
Where did he live?
And how Rev Denis is so similar?

This is Dr. Roger Lafontant. Does he have any relationship to Rony Denis?

The Doctor is on trial for usurping authority.  History has a way of repeating itself.


I’m sure this book would be a good read! 

Like father, like son!


This post is dedicated to the the experience of many red flags that God showed us while we were in Rony Denis’ Cult HOPCC. 

A red flag is a warning of danger or a problem. Many times we over look red flags because we may give a benifit of doubt toward the action or person hoping for the best according to how serious we deem the red flag.

But when there is an abundance of RED FLAGS then we have a problem. (As one person put it, “Houston we have a problem!”)

Share with us your red flag stories. It might help someone connect the dots or tie up loose ends in their mind to give them the confidence to leave Denis’ Cult, House of Prayer!

Before it is too LATE!


Liar Liar!!

This post is dedicated to the exposing of the many LIES that characterize the cult of Rony Denis, House of Prayer, Hinesville, GA. 

Rony’s pants has been on fire for a long time, but not only his, Tony Oloans and the rest of the HOPCC’s criminal enterprise as well.

These so-called preachers certainly fulfill the scripture which says let God be true and every man a LIAR!

It’s time to stop these LIARS so that more lives will not be destroyed by Anthony Oloans and Rony Denis! 

These HUCKSTERS have LIED repeatedly about the internet. If they are not on the internet and Facebook is a “sin”, then what is this:

Looks like HOPCC is doing a lot of”sinning” online.

Everyone knows Ray Futch Apartments belongs to Rony Denis and House of Prayer!  

The new name is Govenors Apartments.

So, the internet is evil and you don’t use it? Just a tool you say?

Don’t fear Rony Denis, he is a LIAR! 

The Ultimate Yes Man, Anthony (Tony) Oloans

This post is dedicated to exposing Rony Denis’ right hand man, Tony Oloans, He is the fall guy of HOPCC.  If you have known Tony for some time you will find that his life is a sad account of a young man’s zeal for God turned into a devoted cult enthusiast.  He is the mastermind underneath Denis’ direction of the fraudulent real estate empire Rony Denis has created to enrich himself and enslave his devoted followers.

In this recording of Tony Oloans you will hear him take another call a couple of times.  This is I believe his cult leader Rony Denis, who apparently is telling him to calm down.  Tony Oloans has an anger problem, he hides it until he gets called out and then it shows, much like his cult leader Rony Denis.

Notice the lies and contradictions when challenged.  He knows all the facts and after he gets off the phone with Rony Denis he doesn’t know anything.

Instead of helping people’s lives this man is being used of Rony Denis to destroy people’s lives. Once a bright young man after meeting Rony Denis has turned into this:

Stay away from HOPCC because I am sure that you can relate that this has happened to someone you know who are entangled in this CULT! 

What’s Your Story Of Leaving The Cult?

Everyone has a story in leaving this cult.  It is not as easy as an outsider may think.  As you have read and heard just like Jim Jones, Rony Denis has sucked people in so deep so that if they leave they stand to risk huge financial calamity.  One person testified of having to learn to put their bills in their own name since “father” Jim or Rony Denis set it all up for them while they were in the cult.


If you have never been in this cult or was but didn’t get sucked in to deep then happy are ye, you are blessed.  If you have escaped this cult having been entrenched by the lies and fraudulent ways of Rony Denis then happy are ye as well also, you are blessed as well for you are not under Denis’ cult anymore. God has blessed those who have left and stayed faithful to Him.  Some may have strayed away but God in His Love for them and their response to His Love have come back to the True Bishop of their souls, JESUS CHRIST!

Your story or at least tidbits of it will be encouragement for those in and out of the cult. Denis says that everyone that leaves left for sin, is gay, is cursed, etc.  Let’s let the kool-aid drinkers know that it is all a lie!


You can by your testimony convince someone to stop drinking the kool-aid before it is to late!

Someone who escaped the cult sent us this picture. We hope you like it: