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Mind Control & Manipulation Exposed!

Mind control and manipulation is REAL. It is one of the main aspects of a cult leader’s control over your life.

Instead of being able to think for yourself Rony Denis, the charismatic cult leader of House of Prayer Christian Church Hinesville, GA , has manipulated his followers to put their complete trust in him and his ministers. In this exclusive behind the scenes CULT SERVICE  you will actually hear Rony Denis at work, brainwashing your children and loved ones.

What makes it supremely WICKED is that he uses the BIBLE to push his WICKED agenda! This is what  SATAN himself attempted to do against Jesus Christ in the temptation in the wilderness. (Matthew 4:1-11)

Just because wicked men twist the Bible it does not mean that the Bible is not right. It is right and we MUST rightly divide or understand the Word of Truth, God’s Word.

Just because this happened in a “church” doesn’t make all churches or ministers of the gospel wrong or not to be trusted.

In other words there is NEVER  a reason to quit on God! Rony Denis and SATAN, an enemy has done this, not God.

Jesus used the Word of God properly to dispose of the devil. The Bible warns about false prophets who would use the scriptures to twist, add, take away, and pervert truth just as Rony Denis has been doing.  Enough is enough!

Fight back, don’t let him steal your family and friends, your brothers and sisters , and your mothers and fathers.

The preachers of HOPCC are controlled by Rony Denis!

RONY DENIS has probably read this book or something like it :

He bragged about taking police INTERROGATION classes!

As you must know this is nothing new.

You  can hear for yourself one of the many ways Rony Denis operates his Cult!


You can hear a longer version of the mockery of God using the church and songs to manipulate the people in the Audio Files section of this site in SoundCloud.

Don’t allow Rony Denis to PLAY with your MIND!





Rony Denis is without question worthy of this title. This is not meant to be disrepectful or slanderous or ugly in anyway. It is being posted to reveal TRUTH and to EXPOSE THE LIES AND FRAUDULENT ways of Rony Denis a.ka Jimmy  (Jim Jones).

RONY DENIS has incorporated many things in his cult which imitates his predecessor Jim Jones as you can read in more detail in another post on this site.

Rony Denis has added in his cult a twist of Haitian Voodoo! 


This is nothing to play around with it must be dealt with heavy handedly. The sons and daughters of grieving parents are trapped in this Voodoo man’s world of terror and control.


The only thing that can stop this Black Magic is the BLOOD OF JESUS! Satan the BLOOD OF JESUS is against you and Denis.

Rony Denis, the Voodoo Puppet master, behind the scenes controling everyone’s lives through sorcery.


Forced To Pray? This Is A CULT!

Please listen to this recent audio recording of Rev. and Sis. Figueroa’s escape from the abusive controling CULT House of Prayer Christian Church, HOPCC.  You will hear Rev. Gerrard Robertson, a man who Rev. Figueroa brought to church years ago. Robertson is receiving instructions from his cult master Denis (pastor).  This is an example of the CONTROL these people usurp over your life!

The controller you hear harassing the minister who helped him come to Jesus before he gave the Lord up for Jimmy is Gerard Robertson.

This place is a CONCENTRATION CAMP not a church! If you have to be FORCED to pray then it’s NOT really prayer.  It is LEGALISTIC CONTROL over your life.

Victory In the Camp!

We felt the need to give this victory report it’s own post!

If you have noticed Rev. Jeffrey Figueroa has been removed from the Sanhedrin Board and has been added to this Victorious post!

This is a huge blow right in the face of the devil and his minions!  As we speak they are leaving the devilish Hopcc and joining the Lords Army to serve God in the beauty of true Holiness! Truth on the INWARD no longer underneath the yoke of mans laws. Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light! Oh, how much lighter you feel when you leave the Opressive regime ran by Rony Denis.

Your prayers are not going unheard! This website has been a huge instrumental piece in aiding and helping families be united once again!

Hebrews 10:38-39

Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

But  we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.


From all of the Christians that have prayed and made this website possible, by truly liberating the oppressed!

God Bless you.


To the Loving Families and Friends

Due to such an outpouring of concerned families and friends of loved ones that are trapped in RONY DENIS’ HOUSE OF PRAYER /ASSEMBLY OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH CULT, we are very concerned of your welfare as also for the ones that still remain in that cult, during difficult times like this when your heart is being pulled and your spirit is grieved, we want to prevent your privacy from being breeched, so often if you are writing on this site we might edit certain information from your post or we might not even post it and we will try our best to contact you off of the website.

Due To HOPCC ‘s very controling atmosphere, they often seize information from our website and try to contact your loved one that is in HOPCC and convince them that they need to terminate their relationship with you, and to no longer talk to you once it has been discovered you have been visiting this site.

It has truly been a blessing to be able to work with the different families of those that we knew in the church turned cult. We haved worked close with some of them.

Our hearts go out to each one of you that have been torn away from your loved ones at the hands of a merciless false prophet by the name of Rony Denis, who is a worker of iniquity, therefore he does not know what true Love is. Believe that God can and will restore your loved one.  God loves families! The devils want to destroy them. But greater is He that is in us than he that is in HOPCC!



This post is dedicated to exposing the GAMES the CULT Master Rony Denis would play upon the minds and lives of those associated with the cult. Within this post you will find ways to survive and then ultimately escape the CULT of Rony Denis.

It is bad enough that this wicked man is playing with people’s lives but who would have thought he would have taken someone else’s wife to be his!

A perfect picture of CULT leader Rony Denis with his stolen unlawful bride.

Although it might seem lighthearted and humorous at times these posts are very much true and factual.

So here we are, feel free to leave one or many of the rules that you played in order to stay afloat in this game of suspense and foolishness to stay out of dodge city of the cruel taskmaster Rony Denis.

Hold on to your seats as we navigate through the Game of HOPCC and bring you face to face with the reality that comes with dodging false accusations, and false humility and so much more.