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Rony Denis audio admitting the “2,9” Spirit he publicly called on in church is of the Devil

Many may remember the church service when Rony Jimmy Jones Denis was calling on the “29” Spirit from the platform in the Hinesville church.  He even called several ministers and their wives up to the front, declared them to be associate pastors of the church, and said that they have now received the “2,9” Spirit.  He declared to the church that night that the “2,9” spirit is when the whole trinity comes together and is in full power. Later on we found out that he was involved in mysticism and that he would go in and out of trances and act strange. In the Audio sampling we have a repeated loop of him calling it Mysticism, and not of God, and of the Devil. There you have it, evidence that he publicly gave the church, and its ministers over to the “2,9” Spirit which he would later admit was of the Devil.

We also have another audio clip of him acting very strange, mocking speaking in tongues, talking very perverted, and laughing about, listen closely because it goes very fast, by the beginning opens up with him asking Derby about his findings when asked to research “Sexual Deities”   He later goes on to show his true colors of how perverted he talks behind closed doors within the “inner circle” he claims does not exist. To many this one will be a shocker, because this is the “locker room” talk the last righteous prophet should not be engaging in, yet he is very careful to keep this side of himself hidden from the general public.