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Victory After HOPCC


Do you have a victorious testimony after leaving HOPCC?

Have you found a church that is preaching the full gospel message?

Have you experienced Love, Joy, and Peace after leaving HOPCC?

Let’s share our testimonies on how good God is despite the hurdles and difficulties that we had to overcome to get us to where we are today.

It was grace that lead us safe thus far, and grace will lead us home.

Prayer Request for Loved Ones

On behalf of the many that have contributed to the site, not only by posting but by Prayers and dedication we wanted to create a page for others to lift up our loved ones in prayer, wether they are Family or just dear Friends that have been seized by the grip of the devil, during these tough difficult times, there have been many tears that have been shed

And many sleepless nights, children that have been cut of from family, wives go home to empty beds because there husbands have been ravaged from them by an evil dictator by the name of Rony Denis. Siblings are turned against each other just because they feel as if they are following God, not realizing they are being led by a wolf in sheeps clothing.

God has seen and heard our Prayers and this is no time to draw back, for there truly is power in prayer! I believe if we join together with one purpose and that is to Liberate the Opressed through the power of prayer it’s time that we bring these names to the very throne of God! United in One, there is no one that is above another it is all level at the foot of the cross.

So here we are going to post as normal just leave the name of your friend or love ones and also if you would like add a prayer request, please do so, here we are Family so don’t be ashamed. Pray for us as we pray for you.