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I’ve Been hurt by the Church



By no means are we trying to discredit people and there feelings nor take away from your experience in church. Nor are we trying to ignore the fact that the church is unfortunately a “dirty business” .

Having grown up in the Holiness church and being betrayed twice, I believe by the church world standards I should be hurt and feeling dejected and as a matter of fact not even wanting to come to church nor trust preachers.

Contrary to the world’s standards I am emboldened and ever so thankful for preachers, being a daughter and a wife of one I must say that there are sincere preacher’s that care and love people. And there are also fakes, you would be crazy to think that there weren’t doesn’t the Bible warn us of this?

Often when I began to notice things in HOPCC I first looked at my own self, am i the one messed up? Am I not praying the way I should? But when you have questions you should began to look in the scriptures and there is were I began to understand that things were not by the Bible, it was not my opinions or my feelings or me being disgruntled by rebuke and correction, because I can say that at times it yielded peaceable fruit of righteousness by me learning to respond in the right way EVEN THOUGH It was unjust. Did you know that you don’t have to respond wrong, I’ve seen so many people be right about something but they totally discredit themselves by the way they handle things. Christianity has to be on the inside.

One thing I believe whole heartedly is this: we cannot blame the church or the preachers for us not living right, we all own our own Bible, if you put so much trust in the Preacher that you allow him to lead you astray that is neglect on doing your part when the Bible tells us to search the scriptures, even Apostle Paul said if he himself come preaching another Gospel let him be accursed. These things are going to happen the Bible tells us so, nevertheless God uses preacher’s to guide us and show us the way and that has not changed.

So where ever you are in your Christianity let this be known that we have to follow the Bible and we should take care and love the preachers for even Jesus said how Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good tidings, if you allow yourself to be so bitter and feel as if you can’t trust minister’s and preacher’s you are allowing yourself to be led astray.

Most of all let’s examine our own lives, what if someone judged us the way we judge others? Ministers or Pastors and Preachers are all human beings, they have feelings as well, they will make mistakes they are not perfect! But who hasn’t? Let’s embrace those that are trying underneath the Power of God who are not afraid to say they are wrong at times, if you are looking for a perfect preacher you will never find him. But if your looking for one that will instruct you, but most importantly will tell you to search the scriptures in humbleness of heart they are out there. Let us not bring our litmus of standards but bring the fruits of the Spirit to judge them by. The Bible says think it not Strange that there are preacher’s that will transform themselves into an Angel of light, they are wolves in Sheep’s clothing, we are living in the last days. But with all that said, this does not give you an excuse to live in sin and live against the Bible when the Bible has all the answers for every life situation. I pray wherever you are that you would get behind a man that loves God more than themselves, and allow him to instruct you in the paths of righteousness, one that wants to see you make it to heaven and make of himself no reputation that God might be Glorified, God loves you so much he wants someone to be there for you in your low times, to cry with you in your sorrows and to laugh with you in joyous times to pray for you and lift your hands when you can’t even yourself. God loves you and so do we.

God Bless you.

Sister S. N. Yorke’s Testimony

imagesThe Holiness way is not often the easiest way, it sure isn’t a life of roses and sometimes seems there are more thorns than roses, but it often yields the most beautiful flowers.

At 3yrs old my life was introduced and changed forever and never to look back.  The change was incredible the T.V was removed from the house the game boys thrown away, long skirts were modesty, Sports were wrong, even Girl Scouts, joining school bands just to name a few.

This was such a perfect life I was sheltered from the “world” all the people were perfect! These were the “holiness” people. I can honestly say I lived a dream the little bumps I experienced a s a teenager were nothing in comparison to others. I was not Perfect but I never even questioned it, I was safe in the Holiness church.

I met my loving husband in Washington state, with Bibleschool on my mind to follow in my parents footsteps I was going to be a preacher’s wife, instead of a preacher’s kid!

Why wouldn’t I? This was the perfect life! In 2004 is when my perfect world came crashing down, Suddenly in my very eyes the people that I counted so dear that I loved so much were now considered wrong, a man named Ron Denis arose from our loved church NTCC and said there was compromise! That’s an evil word in the Holiness church, standards come and go all the time but if you are going back on your word you have COMPROMISED!

The waters were warm perfect for Ron Denis to persuade many that he was going the Righteous way and we were to follow. Time would not allow to discuss all that happened, but it was a very emotional and stressful time for my family. Ron Denis had already persuaded my parents to leave NTCC and join his following of House of Prayer Christian Church and now it was our turn, a close friend of mine by the name of Jennifer Rodriguez and her family had also left the church with a whole host of other preacher’s and pastors that we had grown close to.

We were doing the right thing so we thought, we needed more righteousness! More Holiness! We’ve got to make it to heaven! My husband put up some opposition to leaving the church but eventually came with us as I look back there were so many warning signs that God was trying to show us.

Ron Denis in the beginning used humility and submission  as a platform but I would later realize that this was only for us not him.  We suffered so much verbal abuse from this man, and I would justify it in my mind that he was a man of God so he was able to treat people the way he did.

As a Pastors wife I was in countless meetings were he publicly humiliated people shamed them, so called exposed them, just to later on blackmail them. And while all this was going on he was growing richer and richer and the people were growing crushed. It got so bad to where he would lie about things and no one would say anything, and he taught us that’s the way it was supposed to be, he’s the man of God! Slowly but surely he began to elevate his self more and more and began to trash everyone else.

A very wicked man but wise, with the wisdom of this world which is sensual and devilish, dividing the men against there wives and purchasing the women with material things i.e Louis vuitton, flashy attire Prada.

Pastor Denis had me in this arena, but somewhere he lost me and I call it the Grace of all mighty God! He told me on the phone that he lost me somewhere at the time I couldn’t place it…… but looking back there was the distrust in his character. The Fruit of the Spirit was not in his life. He lied about things and even in times that I would go to him for help he would twist things and throw it in my face. He would SCREAM at people get in there faces call them Stupid dumb, condemning them to hell! I had never in my life seen a so-called man of God act like this.

He one time screamed at my dad yelling at him and told him that he was my real dad! The amazing thing is ministers such as: Rev Robertson, Rev Virgo, Rev Schmidtke, and such like men that I have known since a very small child, set there crushed and brought with $ sit silent! And even go as far as to make up lies about us just to keep there good standing with Rev. Denis. They are scared!!! He owns there life, there cars, there children. They are all in there 50’s who wants to make a change and admit you have made a Grave mistake!

Rev. Denis has some incredible Strange ways about him he constantly interrupts services on a device called a polycom, with so called words from the Lord and he plays games with people’s minds to believe that they have to wait until they can hear from him, to assure them that they are on there way to Heaven or not. People come before this electric Device and confess there sins to  him in hopes that God’s judgement won’t  be upon them. They have an infatuation with the Old Testament, believing that God only uses one man for the entire world. The further they get away from God the more they embrace the Old Testament and there Laws and trying to discredit the New Testament and the Grace of God and the Blood of Jesus, who needs Jesus, you have Rev. Denis. He has done a sucessful job in keeping the people with there Bibles in there hand, but yet there are Words that are Black and white, but if the Man of God has his own interpretation you have to believe him over the Bible.  The sad thing is when you run into these people they start screaming about us being judged! And that God is going to judge us! Or they even start running (if they have the truth why are they running) but what they don’t realize is Rev. Denis has already prayed that some of his Pastors would go blind and it doesn’t come to pass! The same ones that are pastoring the House of Prayer Churches, it sounds comical, but people there believe him to be Gospel.


I honestly have to say, that Rev. Denis’s character has been questionable from the very beginning. He is very wise in his conceit on the outward he shows that he is a giver, and that he puts things together, but if you really search the scriptures, you will find that evil men know how to give good gifts. This is what makes the wolf in Sheep’s clothing so deceptive,  but we shall no them by there fruits, which he has known, just the works of the flesh. There is one thing the devil can’t do and that’s live right.

Rev Denis was always so concerned about the way I look more so than my husband, he would watch me all the time and  tell me wether I had gained weight or lost weight, he Praised me when I was small, and I soon realized the women that he had in his influence he wanted them to be a certain size, and dress a certain way, he knew i was uncomfortable with it, so when we left he flipped the story and said it was because i would wear tight clothes that was a reason he constantly watched my clothes. I thought I had married my husband not him. This was very strange to me, he masked it as a care for me.

In the back of mind God’s hand has always been there, because there is no way that a preacher’s kid raised in this environment sitting right next to the man of God should be able to use my brain! Look at the so called preacher’s they are sitting there with there eyes blind under a delusion with nothing to say.

I watched Rev. Denis in his care for people when they would leave. I was in awe how stories would get fabricated about a person, they would trash them, there is no such thing as pastor confidentiality. He would tell everything he didn’t care what kind of nature it was, he would have people to stand up and lie for him. All just too keep people so they wouldn’t think of leaving also. My husband was the Pastor in Greensboro and was in good standing Rev. Denis would often Praise him about what a good Pastor he was, and how he liked him, he had no reason to leave, but now all of a sudden he’s not a pastor and is not called, he’s gay and on pornography. And people sit there and believe it.

We have since left the cult, and yes I will say cult because all of these tactics have been used by a man all should know and that is Jim Jones, and as you see the mind is a delicate thing, and because of that 900 people  lost there lives senselessly thinking they were on they way to heaven and that Jim Jones was the only man of God for the WORLD and he was the only Church right with God (sound familiar) , and the sad thing is I can see it happening again. History has many that arose and said they were Elijah, which Rev Denis has said, or they were Jesus, which Rev Denis thinks he is.

God had given us the Bible, read it! We are accountable for the word of God. You can’t use the excuse that no one told you, if you read this letter it’s from a sincere heart to tell you there is a true Holiness way, and it’s not only the outward!!! But it’s truth in the Inward parts!

Don’t let House of Prayer leave you with a sense that there no hope, because there is!

We are still serving and loving God in the Beauty of True Holiness!

God bless you,

Sister S. N. Yorke


Testimony : Why I left the Cult HOPCC (HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE GA-Brother J M Rodriguez


I got saved during my 11th grade year of high school, and instantly started reaching out to others. My life had changed radically, this was before I ever knew of Rony Denis, or HOPCC (HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH), though later on he would take the credit for my salvation and attribute it to House of Prayer. Thanks be unto God that the God I served before HOPCC ever existed is the same God who has kept me, and I serve.

I met Rony Denis when I was still in high school, I later joined the Army, and it was determined that I should get stationed at Ft. Stewart so that I could be at the Hinesville Church when the split from New Testament took place. At this point, Rev. Denis would tell me that I was called to be a Pastor, and that he would train me for the Ministry.

As time would go on, I really felt like it was my time to get out of the Army and do something for God. I told Rony Denis that when I got out of the Army I wanted to work for God and help the church, even if the church couldn’t pay me, I would find a way to make it work . I was young and loved God and understood  God and the ministry was not about money but about sacrifice.

So the time came, I was out of the Army working for the church with just my unemployment to pay the bills, and no VA money at this time.  It was really tight but I was so excited to be finally making the sacrifice I had heard of countless others making before my time. Soon things would change, the ministry I was promised I would be trained for was a lie.

I found myself doing less and less Church work, and slowly Rony Denis was having me do real estate types of jobs. This would have been fine had it been legitimate Church real estate, but it was more crooked than one could imagine. Ten years of working in the “ministry” and all I was doing was generating over $100,000.00 of real estate income every month and giving it all to Denis, and on top of that they made me purchase property, and purchased property with out my permission in my name, had me put it on the rental market, and give all the money that came from these properties to them. I never benefitted from all this work I was doing. I was told my reward is in Heaven.

it was a normal occurrence for Rony Denis to demand reports from me on a daily basis to see how much money I was bringing him, and he would scream and yell at me if the money wasn’t right. He would tell me if the houses didn’t get rented within a certain time, or if all the money didn’t come in that he would kick me out of the church, and say he would pray curses and judgement upon me. He would often refer to it as all his money, not God’s, not the churches, but his.  Here I was, young working with out pay, paying full rent in the church house I was living in, thinking I was doing it for God, when the man was exploiting my willingness to sacrifice, so that he could have two beach homes in Miami and Vero beach. Now I’m still willing to serve God without pay, and since I left that’s exactly what I’m doing, so I’m just qualifying that this part of the story isn’t about me not getting paid, but rather that my willing heart was abused.

I was often afraid of something going wrong in the office which would bring about my doom. One time Denis told me if I made one more mistake that I would be out. I called him and begged him to please let me stop doing this work, I was too afraid of making another mistake and getting kicked out. He went berserk on me and, began yelling and screaming at me, and told me that I said I would work for God for free, and that was my vow, and that if I don’t do it I would go to hell. So the years went by, and I continued to work long hours as a slave, and gave up on the ministry. I thought he was the prophet of God, and that I had to obey him, and I just put my trust in God, and kept working, never having family time, working from sun up until sun down, waiting for him to let me go home after the final briefing at his house that would be very late, sometimes midnight.

Things started to change one night  when I would come to bring home my report as I did every night. For the first time he seemed not too interested in the money report, and was playing with a calculator, crunching numbers, and writing things down. He would do this every night. Then he started asking me questions about my birthday, my sons birthday and others. He would crunch the numbers in the calculator, and told me and the others around him, that God was teaching him the secrets of the universe. He told me every person in the Bible has a number, and everybody in the world does also, and this number was how they would act as people. It was based on our birthday. Later he would start reading our palms and telling us that the marks in our palms would match our numbers. He began getting really in to this, and would often have me bring my wife and son over so that he could read there palms.

It got even stranger.  He would run the chapters and verses in the Bible through his calculator, and said that he God was teaching him “secret things” he would say that he had entered into a realm where none of us were, and it was Deuteronomy 29:29. The  ” secret things “.

He would soon start referring  to  God as “Aba Yahwey”, and started talking about the “2,9” spirit. He said that he had the “2,9” Spirit, and what that meant was that God had many numbers according to this numerology, and that 2,9 was when the Trinity has fully come together in full power.   He started walking around in trances, acting very abnormal. He stated that he had reached a level were God would speak to him at all times, and he no longer needed to pray to get answeres from God. If anyone remembers this time, he even acted like this from the pulpit. His eyes would shift back and forth as he would listen to voices (that we all thought was God). and he would tell us what “God” would say.  I was one of three men tasked out to paint the inside of his house the same teal color as in the Hinesville church because the voices told him those colors were the colors of heaven, and he had to do it. He was out of town at his beach home for the first two weeks, we had a little more to do when he came back, he was walking around like a zombie, Calling on the 2,9 spirit at times by yelling “2,9”! “2,9”! (This really happened, think back to the church service when he said Rev. Bradeen was going to get stuck by a lightning bolt in the church, he was calling on the 2,9 Spirit, yelling from the platform, and had several brothers and there wives come up to the platform and said that they had received the 2,9 Spirit, then started twisting his head roaring like a lion) back to his house now, he would make statements saying that Rony Denis is gone and is with Abah Yahwey, and that the person he is, is all spirit now. One thing is for sure, Rony Denis is gone! The current one is not the one I met when I was a teenager. over time things would just keep getting stranger. The more he messed with this spiritism, the more wacked out he got. He claimed that he knew the date of the rapture and and told me and my wife that he Abah Yahwey cleared my wife and I to know the date. The date he gave me was Jan. 13, 2018, and my wife and I were supposed to move to Florida with him and a few others because we were going to reach the world before the rapture. (might have turned into a Jones town if it was allowed to go on).  The Spirits actually started making him be nice to people, during this time, he gave $100,000.00 to Ken Reip so that he could retire and travel before the rapture, he gave Rev. Benton A check for $37,000.00 to pay of his credit card bills, and the list goes on. before it was all said and done, he gave close to $1,000,000.00  away in hand outs (later he would be very angree about this).

The climax of all this spiritism had to be when he called several ministers and there wives over to his house instead of going to church. of those present were Rev. Robertson, Rev. Bradeen, Rev. Pilkington,Rev. Schmidtke, Roscoe, and his last wife. (If anyone wants to fact check this, ask her, she was there) my own son was there also. This meeting actually turned into a se-ance. He came and sat down in the center of the living room, and would be telling us the things that were taking place. his eyes would shift back and forth and he would be saying things he was told to say. Many crazy things went on, but to name a few, he proclaimed himself to be Deity. (He actually said “I AM DEITY”) and he also claimed to be the savior of the world, said that God told him he is above everyone in the bible, and that God marveled at how smart he was, not understanding how God created him, yet he can finish Gods statements when he talks to the trinity about taking care of world events. He also said that he had spoken to Rev. Davis, and that he went to heaven, later, he would change that and say that he went to Hell. (Speaking to the dead is forbidden by the Bible, and is Witchcraft).

So as time went on this behavior continued, he even told Anthony Oloans and Tamarah that Abah Yahwey had married them, and they were free to come together. This went on for about 2 weeks-to a month, later he had Rev. Robertson get the license going for them so that they can actually be married, and stop fornicating. Later Oloans would be in big trouble for all of this, but he was only doing what he was told.

One day, I was called to bring something to his house, when I got there, it was the mean old him again, yelling at people, screaming. When i came in the door, he yelled at me and told me to deny the 2,9 spirit, to reject it, and pray against it. Now this was a blow, because by this 2,9 spirit, he had us all drinking the kool-aid, and now its not of God?  So I accepted that, prayed against it, and thought maybe this was all witchcraft he got messed up in, and now it was all over. Wrong. This is when it got even worse. He would start going through patterns of being nice to people, giving them money and things, then later would snap out of it, get angry and say it was just the spirits. He would call the church, say everyone was forgiven, later on that night, trash the people he prayed for, and say it was all the spirits. Then he would start arguing with these spirits while he was at home, calling them nasty animals, and “Bastards”. But yet when it came time to go to church, he would be a zombie again, acting like a prophet. He would have people repeat after him, and pronounce them cleared, and restored. later on that night, I would hear him trash these poor people, and say that its all garbage, and that it was all the spirits talking to him again. Poor Joe Bob, he trashed his whole family , and said he had to welcome them back because it was the “politics of the ministry” Later when he wanted me to come back, he told me I would be forgiven just like Joe Bob. This guy lost it, and forgets who he runs his mouth to about what, then just lies, and says “I never said that”. During this faze I would say that the worst thing I witnessed was when there was a meeting under the tent in Denis’ back yard. I was sitting next to Rev. Virgo, and he started the meeting by asking us, ” If God were to appear to you, and tell you that Rev. Denis is not of God, would you agree with him or would you tell him you would have to disagree?”  He looked around and asked the same question directly to Sis Escudero. She answer that she would have to disagree with God, because she has known and seen Rev. Denis over the years, and knows for sure that he is of God. to which Denis replied that she has just saved everyone’s soul for answering correctly. Then he asked if anyone else would like to answer. As he scanned the room, it looked like he stopped at me, at which time he jumped out of his chair, and bolted in my direction, but landed in front of Rev. Virgo, and was yelling and screaming in his face telling him he’d better answer the question, and if its not the same answer as the sister, that he would be kicked out of House of Prayer tonight. Rev. Virgo was tipping his chair back trying to get some space, and as he stuttered, he gave the answer that kept him in House of Prayer.

So as time went on I realized that Christ is no longer being preached, and that Denis is an unrepentant spirit chaser. It’s fitting that he publicly  came against all of the ministers that were in that room the day he said he was deity, its because he had flipped and knew he had to break these guys down before they could think straight and challenge him. My first thought was not to leave. This was my church, my wife and I prayed about what to do, how can we help turn things around, and suddenly I had the answer. Over the years I watched things be crooked, and prayed hoping that if I just did what I was told, God would turn it all around. My time to try to help was up. I prayed about all the people, and God pressed very hard upon my heart that Rony Denis is not changing, and he is covering his sin. It was time for my wife and I to leave. That was God dealing with me. Not audible words, and i’m not claiming to be a prophet, but i am a child of God, and God leads his children. So my wife and I realized that if we stay, we are helping the problem get worse.

The day we left was crazy. There was one brother that I wanted to let know, because we were close through out all of House of Prayer. He was my friend, I didn’t want to leave him in the dark, so I started to tell him what was going on, he didn’t want to here me out, the rest is history. At this time my wife and I had a lot of our stuff moved into storage, but that brother called and told on me. I wasn’t home but my wife and son were. My wife called me and told me to call the police because Anthony Oloans was in our house calling for my Son trying to take him. She had took my Son and locked herself in our bedroom, Thats when two brothers were dispatched to break in to my house to try to get to my wife and Son, they had Denis on the speaker phone, and they kicked down the door to where my wife and Son were. while this was going on, Oloans had pad lock the garage and disconnected the garage door opener so that my wife couldn’t drive out, then he popped the hood, and ripped the battery out. So they broke into my wifes bed room, while her only way of escape was gone, so that they could take my son, and convince us to stay (Real Christians). So about this time I showed up with the police, and confronted Oloans, about why he tried to kidnap my son. Later that day I got word that they said I had lost it and it was evident that the spirit of God had left me. Put yourself in my shoes, worked like a slave for 10 years without pay, your pastor gets mixed up in witchcraft, they try to steal your kid and break down the door to the bed room where your wife and kid are trying to stay safe, and they want me to walk in like a hippy and “say peace be unto all of you devils, go ahead and kid nap my son” . If being stirred up is wrong, than Denis has never been saved a day in his life.  Rev. Robertson showed up to try an interrogate me, now my wife and i really love Rev. Robertson, he is just still drinking the kool-aid just like I was. But I stopped, and looked at Rev. Robertson, and told him “Sir, you were there in that living room when he proclaimed himself to be deity, and I’m the one that hears him say that it was just spirits talking to him when he clears you all over the polycom.” He looked at me and said “John, even if your right, and it is spirits, i’m still going to believe Pastor, because Pastor is my life.” Wow the man I was the most worried about is drinking the kool aid  intentionally, and willing to follow Denis barefoot to Hell. I got the hint and left him alone. we had to have a police escort us from the house to our storage. Once we left, they had people stalking my parents house. My mom would tell me about the vehicles they would see going back and forth, and the moment I got there to visit, the phone rang, it was them watching my moms house. They also have been trying to hack into my bank account to try to see where i’m at. one time I have Oloans on record claiming it was him and he thought I gave him permission, but since then periodically my bank notifies me that they keep trying to break into my bank account. So now we are free, I am giving my labor to the Lord full time. I’m preaching, and teaching the word of God, and helping the pastor of a church that God led me to. The Holy Ghost bares witness with me that I am a son of God, and I’m doing everything I once did for House of Prayer, but I am actually working for God now. I kept my promis.  Denis had ruined my credit with the real estate fraud he took part in, but miraculously for a 2 week period after i left, My Credit shot up long enough for me to purchase a new car, and get a nice house. After that, it went back down. God has been pouring his blessings upon me. Once I left that God forsaken church, my financial curse was broken, and some how God has found ways to take care of me when needs arise. Even yesterday, a need arose for me, and God sent a blessing my way right on time when i didn’t even know where it would come from. I’ve heard that Denis has been pronouncing curses on me, but it seems like when ever he does that, God sends another blessing. The reason is for this . Numbers 22:12 – 24:10  You cannot curse who God has blessed. For any reading this, hope is on the horizon. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Bro. J.M. Rodriguez Why I left the cult known as House of Prayer in Hinesville GA

Bro. J.M. Rodriguez Why I left the cult known as House of Prayer in Hinesville GA PDF


Hello Rony Denis. The man seen here is doing ok! By J.M. Rodriguez

To all who may not have seen my comment on this, I have decided to make it into a post. Jimmy Jones Denis paid an independent delivery company to bring a stack of facebook photos to my door. The pictures were of a friend of mine from child hood, who at one time I brought to church, but now in the photos it appears this childhood friend of mine needs alot of help. Rather then lamenting for the lost soul, he would rather have a hired agent hand deliver them to me at my door, and instruct the hired agent to give me a verbal message that “the man in these pictures is doing ok”. One of the pictures even showed my old child hood friend drinking a beer and giving the camera the middle finger. I got the message Jimmy, but you are not to curse. I guess you do have a cursing ministry after all, curses as in language you use.

So the the point of these pictures was a sad attempt for Jimmy Jones Denis, the Pastor of House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville to try an put me in some state of emotional distress by seeing a childhood friend of mine who is no longer in church deep in sin, trying to tell me what he has tried to tell me for a long time, that i’m going to be cursed. and end up like that guy. Well Jimmy, i do try to be reserved on my publications, think back, you started this, every time I here something you have done to tarnish the testimony of these brave truth tellers, I just meet it with greater force. You sent pictures of a messed up friend from my childhood saying this is what I will become?  Here is a picture of someone from your childhood. The cruel dictator known as your father. The ironic thing is, I can’t say this is what you will become, you are worse than him. You have used the name of Christ to build your empire of tirany.  Sir, please stop, every attempt you have tried to silence or harass us has just blown up in your face.  Remember, WE were silent, and you launched a smear campaign on us. Your actions since we left have shown us that are reservations for peace were not possible, and that your wickedness has reached the high heavens. God has tried to get your attention time and time in the past by having different problems go on in the business endeavors you made me take part in, then Brother Bowers really gave you a run for the money, and now us. Sir, these are signs that God is angry with you. You made a lot of promises to God and the people, and now you are full of excuses.

P.S. Thank You Sir for having me learn how to design websites. Thank you for making me design the old House of Prayer website. Thank you for spending lots of money to have me properly learn how make sure your website would properly flush other web sites out of google. You tried to use my God given abilities as a weapon to use on your enemies.  But now it has turned on you. Don’t get mad at me Sir. Get mad at your self. You made me!

ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    HELLO RONY, THE MAN IN THE PICTURE IS DOING OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sisters Voice

Here is the real behind the scenes stories of how Rev. Jimmy Denis treated the women. You may have heard him say that he is the defender of the women, he recently said in the 2016 Ordinary People conference that he” loves the women”. Well here we are going to open up the real stories of what he did to the “women” And how he treated us in these meetings at his house. This is not defamation of character, these are true stories. I’m sorry Rev. Jimmy if you feel this is defamation but these are  the things you have done that were totally unappropiate and are true stories of how we were humiliated and publicly shamed in front of your minister’s. Under the so called guise of helping us. Women are more than just stupid as you would say and you can throw a Louis vuitton purse, prada shoes, and St. John clothes and they will just sit down be quiet and take all the mistreatment, No thanks you can have your material possessions, Real Godly women don’t need it.

Rapture Ready?

People have various opinions concerning the rapture of the church. The one thing we should agree on is that we don’t know or have a date for the rapture of the church.

One thing in common with false prophets who become proud is that they have exclusive knowledge of when the rapture of the church will take place.

Rony Denis , before a group of ministers claimed to have “TANGIBLE EVIDENCE” of when the rapture would take place. He said that it would be within 10 years and that his daughter would not even reach marrying age.

Later Rony Denis would tell a select group whom he deemed “cleared” an actual date of the rapture: January 13, 2018.

Now that he has been called out as a fraud his cover is to say that the rapture is everyday! You don’t have to just take my word for it, just listen for yourself.


Yes, to proud to admit he was and is WRONG.

Is Rony Denis the Next Jim Jones? Striking Similarities. A Must Read

Jim Jones was the American cult leader responsible for the mass mass murder-suicide in Jonestown,Guyana November 18th 1978. This was the incident that the infamous “Drinking the Kool-aid” term came from that is so commonly used when speaking of a cult. Under the direction of this cult leader, 918 people took their own lives by drinking cyanide laced kool-aid. The first to die were the small children who were given the deadly kool-aid by the hands of their own parents. So as crazy as that might seem, one might ask, how do 918 people choose to take their own life just because their Pastor told them to? This type of obedience wasn’t gained over night. Surly out of 918 people, at least some of these people had to be normal enough to know this was wrong, 918 people? The scary truth is that most of those people were normal and smart enough to know something was wrong. They were normal thinking people just like you and me. They were brain washed a little at a time over the years.

Jim Jones was a Pentecostal preacher, who preached salvation, and pushed for the super natural in his services. Many times there were accounts in his services of divine healing, and miracles. David Parker Wise, an insider who was hand picked by Jim Jones to be trained as a pastor by him, and to head his biggest church in L.A, left the Jim Jones Cult when he realized Jones was losing his mind. He has many articles online about the things that took place, and is warning the world to not fall into the same trap. This man acknowledging that Jim Jones was a fraud had this to say about his public healing services. “With revolutionary, dedicated, uncompromising enthusiasm, members of the Temple’s inner staff had helped create healings for the cause. (Not all healings were fake, though. When the whole church worked together on healings many of them ended up being real.)”   By looking at this, we can see how over time he gained the loyalty, trust, and even obedience to the death from his members.  He was a man of power, and according to the eyewitness mentioned above some of the miracles did come to pass. Such a personality caused people to really believe that  this man had the “One true church” and that he alone could get them to heaven.

If one would study famous cult leaders through time such as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Joseph Smith, Heavans Gate, House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville ( or it’s many churches), and the list goes on, one common fact remains the same about all of these cults and their leaders. They all claim to be the one and only key to their followers salvation, and that with out them, they would be doomed. It makes it easy to keep people in your cult if you could somehow convince them that your cult is the “One true church, and the only way to heaven”. This is called “Elitism” . It means us vs. them, we are right, the rest of the world, (including the church world) is wrong. It breeds secret pride in the hearts of the followers as they begin to believe the lie that “Only they are saved, and others must not be saved else they would be a part of our group.” This spirit is anti-Christ to the core, for Christ himself said of the disciples that were preaching in his name, yet not following with him and his disciples “Forbid them not, for whoever is not against us is for us”. Now If anyone had the right to believe that only they held the key to peoples salvation it would be our Lord, yet he didn’t demonize others, just because they weren’t in His congregation. This is one more place were the lives of these cult leaders, to include RONY DENIS, the leader of HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH in HINESVILLE, just doesn’t line up with the life of Jesus. 

Now though their are similarities to many of these cult leaders and RONY DENIS, we are going to focus on the similarities of RONY DENIS of HOUSE PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH in HINESVILLE, and JIM JONES of THE PEOPLES TEMPLE. 


JIM JONES– He claimed himself to be the human manifestation of God, and would regularly attempt to prove this by staging rehearsed acts of clairvoyance and miraculous healings. He used the idea of miracles to make believers out of doubters. Jim Jones learned to use these tricks to fool people into believing in the possibility of literally everything he said.

RONY DENIS- Rony Denis  would often say “Do you know the voice that is speaking to you? It is  the voice God ALMIGHTY” he would say this over the PA system at the church in Hinesville, or on confrence calls. This was done many times publicly. He also said in a ministers meeting at his house once “I am Diety” and “I am the savior of the world”  Rony Denis would also often call the church in Hinesville, and other churches on the PA system during prayer meetings, and church services, and command the church to go outside to see the wonders of God. He would often tell people to ask God to show them an airplane in the sky, and all of a sudden, their was an airplane. He would do this many times, and would often follow up with the question, does this prove to you that I am a Man of God?

So in this setting we have both Jim Jones and Rony Denis, claiming to perform miracles, and claiming to be God.


A Marxist is one who believes in equality for all except for the leaders on top, who always seem to benifit from the sacrafices others make to bring forth this equality.

Jim Jones–     Jim Jones was a Marxist, but he preached his version of socialism with the flair and conviction of a devoted Pentecostal – a religion which, among many other things, believes in the literal manifestation of God. Jones took this belief and used it to create a powerful sense of love and faith within his congregation, as well as a terrible sense of fear. He would have local governments involved in his operations, and would often make sure that congregants that didn’t have would be given proper housing, and groceries, while others who were able to contribute more, gave most of what they had to the cause and could not have their own financial identity.

Rony Denis- Rony Denis would often be asking to know the budgets and finances of different members. If he thought one brother had more money than he needed, he would make that brother take over a ridiculously upside down car payment that another brother had. He would often make certain people move in with other people  if he thought that they had to big of a house for themselves and did’t need that much space. Now if some one is doing this to help another person out, that is fine, and is Christian as long as they are free to do so out of the goodness of their heart, but these people many times were not given an option, and if any protested, they would be railed on either publicly or face to face. It has become an unspoken rule to agree with what ever financial idea Rony Denis gives you or else. The worse part of this, is that at times, Rony Denis would have two couples share a house. He would tell one couple they are paying the full rent to help out. He would then have the other couple pay rent as well. By him doing this, he could almost double the income above the normal going market value that any legitimate land lord could charge.


Jim Jones-     Peoples Temple was not actually religious, but it was a religion. It was a religion because of its affirmation of faith, its ritualistic practices and its paternal hierarchy which seated Jim Jones at the very pinnacle of unquestioned authority. He used the idea of a church to disguise his socialistic agenda, and to give credibility to his ideas. For the walls of a church are sacred to society, and anything taught within them is looked upon with a similar purity.

Rony Denis- HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE, like the peoples temple is more of a religion in and of itself than it is religious.  They believe that they are the only true church left. They believe that Rony Denis is the only spiritual leader that can take them to heaven. They also believe that he knows the date of the rapture, and that their making it in the rapture is contingent on their relationship with him. Because of this belief, Rony Denis has taken supreme authority over the entire church organization. It has been stated from the beginning of HOUSE of PRAYER that their would not be a general board because the Trinity  is the board, yet Rony Denis proclaims himself to be the one in charge “Under God”. From the start, he made it seem like a good willed intention to not have a general board to do away with politics, when in reality he secured the true powers of a board, which would spread the powers that be among many board members for a system of checks and balances, accountability, and transparency, all to himself. No one to question him, not one to be accountable to, claiming that he answers to God, and if you question or challenge him then you are challenging God. He even went as far as to say that you cannot even have the slightest remote thought against anything that he says because everything he tells you is biblical. This is another anti-biblical statement. The Bible says that the disciples of Berea were more noble than those in Thessalonica, because they searched the scriptures daily, whether the things which Paul and Silas preached were so, Acts 17:11 This kind of authority abuse is not permitted by the bible, we are to use the word of God to try the spirits, and judge prophecies. Rony Denis has HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH thinking that he is above all of this.


JIM JONES- Children were generally surrendered to communal care, addressed Jones as “Dad,” and at times were only allowed to see their real parents briefly at night. Jones was called “Father” or “Dad” by the adults as well.[61] The community had a nursery at which 33 infants were born.[62]

RONY DENIS- HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE has a day school. If someone is a faithful member, their children must be in the day school. One child told their parents that their teacher at school was teaching the kids that if they over hear their parents speak of leaving the church, that they are to run away to another church members house, and that the church would help them become emancipated.  Rony Denis also has a private school at his house for a select group of girls that are there to entertain his daughter. He believes that his daughter is better than the normal church kids, so he has created a fake society for his daughter to live in. She will never know what it’s like to make her own friends because her friends are assigned to her. These girls that come to “be in school” with her, are also there all day, just about everyday to play with her. Whenever she wants these friends, Rony Denis calls the parents, and tells them to bring their kids to his house at such and such time. They are not even given an option. Many times the parants of these girls will only see their own kids late at night when they get the call to come pick up their kids.  One child has it even worse. Rony Denis always goes out of town to his beach homes for about two weeks, before coming back to HINESVILLE for two weeks. While He is gone, this one girl always goes with him, and her parents just have a type of shared custody situation with her. This has gone on for years, just so that he can create the perfect and controlled utopia for his daughter at the expense of others.


JIM JONES- When Jim Jones had created his compound in the Jungles of Guyana with just under 1000 people under his rule there, he would have these big intercom systems that would go through out the community. As people worked or ate, at any time the voice of Jim Jones would come over these intercoms as a way to keep people brainwashed with Jim Jones Doctrine.

RONY DENIS-  With modern technology, Rony Denis has an intercom system that has global possibilities called a polycom. HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE has the primary system. He will call from a remote location, and at a moments notice, during prayer meetings, or even in the middle of someone preaching his voice will come across the PA system, and many other churches at his choosing will here the same thing. Once his voice comes across everyone stops what they are doing to here the “Message from God”.  He constantly does this to brain wash people, and to make the congregants believe that his voice is more important than the minister that was preaching. He becomes a type of god to the people.


JIM JONES- Jim Jones would spread a  new ideology: that all men were latently homosexual except for him. He would teach “Everybody is gay. All men are homosexual and all women are lesbians. People wrapped up in heterosexual relationships are not mature enough to deal with this.”  He would teach that all men were gay except him, and that they needed to come to terms with this so that he could help them. He brainwashed many to thinking they really were gay, when they were not in any form of a gay relationship.

Rony Denis- Through out the years if anyone was ever to leave the church it was often said that, that person was gay or would turn gay. He always had an obsession with demonizing people who either left the church, or was questioning the church with this accusation. As the years would go on he came up with this strange doctrine claiming that he was the only one who could clear you to go to heaven, and that only if you confessed everything you have ever done even as a kid to him. Many have come forward with the truth that he had gotten very personal in these forced confessions, and would only aim at one thing, and that was peoples sexuality now, and in their past.  We have audio recordings that have Rony Denis, and his ministers interrogating people, asking them if they had ever put anything in their backside.  He eventually came out with this teaching that all of the men in HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH are gay, and that he is the only one that is not, and he is the only one that can help them. He would get people who had otherwise never been gay, and never believed they were gay to somehow start believing they are indeed gay, and had been hiding from it. He would do this by asking any strange thing they may have done as a kid, or anything they had done with there spouse that was outside of what he considered normal sex. He would say that the reason they did something as a kid, or did anything different with their own spouse is because they were gay. After days and weeks of drills, even the pastors would start confessing that they are gay, and never knew it.


      Asking the question again, how could one man cause 918 people to commit suicide by just a simple command, to include many children who were killed by their own parents at this command. Well it all starts by slowly brain washing people. As stated earlier, Jim Jones was a Pentecostal preacher, who had a massive presence, and even had evidence of signs and wonders. This alone is enough to have some people given over, but how did he win the ones who he thought that this just might not have been enough? It was through a conspiracy theory. yes both JIM JONES and RONY DENIS fooled the masses with a simple conspiracy theory.

JIM JONES-The Sixties and Seventies made what seemed like to be a visible failure of a free capitalistic society, and members of the counter-culture as well as African Americans felt united in their persecution. Jim Jones welcomed these discriminated members of society into his church with open arms, giving them hope in the truly free and loving society which they longed for. He played upon their suffrage to make them loyal believers – for nothing makes us feel more human, more vulnerable, or more in need than suffering; and nothing takes these feelings away more quickly than hope. He had the message that it was an evil world of segregation, and he was the prophet to bring about the perfect utopia for all to dwell together in peace, and only he could protect them from the evils of the outside world.

RONY DENIS – Rony Denis started HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH by splitting off from another organization, and bringing many of the ministers, and members with him. The other church organization had a strict standard of not having worldly entertainment, T.V. ect. This Church also preached about “Compromise” as being an unseen evil that has taken the rest of the church world down and that they were the only true church left on earth. They had the very cultish brainwashing platform Rony Denis would need to start his own cult. If he could gain a large number of already brain washed cult members, he could have his own empire. He could only do this if he could get many of those brainwashed ministers, and members to believe a conspiracy theory against the organization they had sworn allegiance to, and believe that he was the one to rescue and protect them.  It had started to be circulated that they had lessened some of the standards of entertainment saying that “a DVD player is not evil, but what you put into it” This was what Rony Denis used to say “Aha! They have compromised, I am still against all entertainment, and they are going the way of the world fast, and will soon cease to be the one true church. Come with me and I will save you from the evil that will soon swallow them up, and will swallow you up also if you don’t follow me.” It didn’t happen in those exact words, but this was the message he began conveying to others. As you can see in some of the audio recordings, this is still the conspiracy theory he is using to elevate himself and his church above the whole world claiming to be the only true holiness preacher left in the world.

So there you have it. It is shocking how these two men are so much alike.

The Madness of the False Prophet

Don’t just take our words only but hear for yourself the babblings of FALSE PROPHET RONY DENIS:

The false prophet is still bitter at New Testament Christian Church. He acts as if there are only two churches in existence, his CULT and NTCC.
He is also fascinated with the “BACKSIDE” of the brethren as you can hear.

Is lil’ Rony GAY?

Do you hear the love, I mean anger in his voice. He accuses everyone else of being gay like Jim Jones did but he can’t take it when we put it back on him. You deny this like everything else Rony. Just repent and get right. God can help you with your issue of the “BACKSIDE”.

Did Yorke go crazy for leaving or does Rony sound crazy? You decide.

Can anyone make sense of what this man is talking about?


Rony Denis always has a way of explaining why he acts the way he does, and treats people in the most abusive matter. He would always say ” it’s good for people not to have money, because all they do is waist it. “. It’s good for people to have bad credit because it stops them from making bills”. Or ” I’m the only one who God can trust with money”. This is why he can’t get saved, every place has done something wrong to someone, he gives himself an excuse of why it was OK to wrong someone. He once told me that one of the reasons he took up so much of my time is because if he didn’t I would use it to goof off. Notice the reasoning of a guilty conscience? He never will ever address if it’s wrong to take people’s money, ruin their credit, or make a slave out of them, but he will always say ” I did it because”. For this reason he has a seared conscience. Even as he reads this he is fuming mad, because no matter how much his victims paint a picture of how bad he treated them, he will never ever take it as a matter of prayer to examine himself before God. He will always retaliate in his mind and make an excuse. Rony Denis, before God, I served you with the best of my ability for the greater part of 10 years. Many times you had me in great fear, and many tears. You used me, and hurt me. But I forgive you, and am sorry that I could never bring you the happiness I was so naive to think that I could. I forgive you because I have a heaven to go to, and where I am going you cannot follow. I forgive you, even though you promised me that you would never forgive me. I forgive you for becoming the monster you thought you could save us from. I forgive you even now as you tell lies about me to cover your sin like David of old. Sir I love you and forgive you because everything you have done to me isn’t worthy to be compared to the glory that is set before me, and it’s not worthy to be compared to the looking to of a fiery indignation that is set before you.
I forgive you sir.

Brother J.M. Rodriguez