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The Greensboro Church*

A lot of people have had questions about what happened in Greensboro and how Rev. Yorke as they say “deceived the church”

My husband and I as you see, have had many questions about the man Rev. Denis, I believed he was the man of God but I NEVER believed he was perfect, I had seen him get stories wrong, mistreat people and so on, but I justified it in my mind that he’s a man its okay, that’s who God has chosen.

My husband believed the same as well, he would often tell me that even though he had flaws, he was the man of God the one that He had chosen. So the BIG change came when he deemed himself perfect! That’s when the wheels in my mind began to finally turn on there own, we were perfectly content with a mere man, but when he began to make blasphemous statements like “he’s in the Room” God shows him the secrets of the universe, I would often wonder why He couldn’t show him how he should treat people, and why He couldn’t show him correct stories.

During this time Bro and Sis Rodriguez were also going through a similar story although at a Grander scale, when Jennifer got the courage to tell me about them having to leave, it was like  fresh water for a thirsty soul! I was amazed that someone was thinking like us!!!

As the pressure became more evident that we were going to have to comply with this false teaching, and I was going to be called on the carpet to lie on Bro and Sis Rodriguez and say things I knew were not true.  It also became more evident that we were going to have to make a departure.

During this time my husband wanted to prepare the church for our departure, so he began to awaken there minds to scriptures that HOPCC would not teach. About searching the scriptures, (they were noble in Berrea) don’t take what any man says as Gospel, The Bible says to let the prophets speak and the other judge.

When the Rodriguez’s  had left, Rev. Denis would call me constantly trying to see if I was on board.

This might be a shock to some that read this, but WE WERE NOT PLANNING ON TAKING THE CHURCH WITH US, as a matter of fact my husband and I were so tired of all the House of Prayer drama, and the pressures of being a pastor and pastors wife in HOPCC with the politics, we wanted to disappear and live our Christian lives absent from all of the spectators eyes. We were thinking that maybe one of the associate pastors would take over the Greensboro church, my husband encouraged the people to go to conference to see things for themselves and not just take his word for it.

God had different plans for us, because when the call came from Rev. Denis to tell my husband to turn in his license, we were in shock! And as Rev. Denis called the members one by one, each one of them began to take a stand for God and not man. My husband and I were in bewilderment thinking what are these people going to do???? And the call became more evident that God was calling us to stand and defend our bean patch, although this is not what our plans were never the less it’s not our will but God’s.

I realize with this call, not many will appreciate, nor do they even understand the pressures that come with this territory. It’s definitely not a life that we would have chosen, but it was the will of God for us. I pray that those who read this would understand that our life is not our own but we are bought with a price!

Bro and Sis Yorke, Greensboro NC




Bro J. M. Rodriguez, Walmart runner? Toilet Paper runner? or true insider?

It seems fitting for a post like this in the light that Rony Denis has tried to discredit my insider knowledge. While I worked for him I spoke to him everyday about business, money ect. Whenever he was in town, I had to bring financial reports to him every night, while he would continually go off on me for not bring in to him enough money. One time he got so mad at me, he took my report, which was a very thick stack of paper work, folded it in half, and through it in my face as a projectile while only standing a foot away from me. Now this is physical abuse, not just verbal, and mental abuse. The Bible says that the bishop is not supposed to be a brawler. One more place that he has made himself disqualified from the office of a bishop. But what about Jesus whipping people out of the temple? The “Bishop” not Jesus, is not to be a brawler. Any questions? Unless Denis is somehow Jesus, ,than he has once again violated scriptures.

Now concerning my true standing as an insider, why would Denis lie, and say I was just a walmart runner, and not an insider? Oh, because if I am a true insider, than people will know that my record of things he has done might really be true. Now if we can prove that he being the bishop, will lie about me in one area, than it’s safe to conclude that he probably lies about a lot of things. Such a liar cannot be trusted.

LET THE EVIDENCE SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Bellow you will see a general power of attorney that I have from Rony Denis to me. Now notice, it’s a “General” Power of attorney, which means there is no limit to what I was empowered to do on his behalf. According to that power of attorney I could even sell his own house from under him. Now their has to be some serious toilet paper to buy if it requires credentials like that!

I am also including one of many spreadsheets that show about 120-130 properties that I had to manage for him. This was one of the reports i had to bring to him on a nightly basis, and this was the last one I turned in to him before I left. I kept working up until the last day, yet they said i left a big mess. Now how does a walmart runner leave a big mess? Be sure to add up the money numbers at the bottom of the in and out column. This is proof that i would bring him over $100,000.00 every single month. All of which I never received a penny from. Who is the one truly lying to you? If it’s your own pastor, you really need to find another one.



Roger Lopez’s Testimony

Roger Lopez’s Testimony

I got saved in Clarksville, TN in 2005. It all started with a brother inviting me out to a storefront on Ft Campbell Blvd in June 04. David Kuhns was the pastor at the time, and Mike Heidler the asst. I moved in the servicemen’s home after attending service and q&a, and got told two. Weeks. Later that I have the wrong spirit and that I shouldn’t disrespect preachers. I had a made a dry humor remark about getting up early and wasn’t even saved. But I got rebuked like I had been in the church for years. This continued until I went into sin in April of 05. Two months later, I was invited back and told there has been no love in the church, and that’s why I left. No, really?
Kuhns favorited two brothers above the rest, and told the brothers to treat the sisters like they had the plague. Fast forward two months after I came back. Kuhns told me to get a job on a tobacco farm and I delved in wickedness. One of the few times he let God use him, he rebuked me privately, and that night, at the altar, I gave my life to Christ.
   Through all his faults, he never publicly shamed any of us, or used any of his helping actions as blackmail. The church moved me to Killeen a year later. Heidler had become the pastor in October of 05, and Kuhns was in Hinesville. Pilkington was nice to me for the first few months, but slowly, surely, I saw him get more and more frustrated with me. He would instruct me to do something, not even dealing with righteousness, like an errand orntask, and if I forgot or got caught up doing something else, Hades was my reward. He also have conflicting instruction constantly. When presented with this, he would say, “I never said that!” or “Roger just obey them that have the rule over you.” I tried! I got bitter against him, and eventually went into sin again.
   I tried telling him, Kuhns and Heidler that I have a mental disorder because my brain was damaged at birth (my lungs collapsed and I flatlined for nearly a minute), but no one listened. Instead, every time I forgot or got sidetracked, I was due to pay.
   He told me to listen to every preacher. Once, he told me to mow the grass at the church. A minister was changing the light bulb at the servicemen’s home and asked me to hold the ladder. I did, and got rebuked for not going straight to the church. But, a minister asked me to help, and I’m supposed to listen to every minister. Once he grabbed his hair and hoped my future wife disobeyed me as much as I “disobeyed” him. He told me multiple times while rebuking me after I messed up, forgot or sinned or was proud, “I don’t know what to do Roger. I don’t know what to do right now.”
   After 4 years, they moved me to Greensboro. Thank. God! Pilkington always told me it would take months for me to be restored after sin. When I got to Greensboro, my pastor told me “There is no timeline to how long it takes for you to be restored. It all depends on how you respond.” My time here has been glorious. I love my pastor!
   My wife told me a couple months ago that Rev Denis wasn’t doing right. It took a day or two to swallow that. Bro Yorke, my pastor, whom I love and obey as long as he does right according to the Word of God, started preaching about false prophets, the Kabala, and mistreating members of God’s body. Shortly thereafter, Rev Denis (he’s not a brother) called around asking what was going on in Greensboro, and what Bro Yorke was preaching. Denis asked me if he had the Holy Ghost. I told him the truth.
   Rev Daniels was one of the few men I confided my deepest thoughts to. When he began preaching with my pastor, I was excited. Then, he left, coerced by Jimmy. My heart broke. But, now I am fellowshipping with my true brothers and sisters in The Word of Truth, and I’m not turning back!

Cult Reflections

Everyone has a story, of the abuse they suffered in the HOPCC cult. Part of the healing process is
being able to share things that you were forced to keep inside, and the amazing thing is you will find that you were not alone.

The Bible or Rony Denis, you decide?

Cult leaders dont forgive.
Does this sound like an apostle of God?
Can you imagine Paul the apostle speaking like this?
This man is a fraud. You don’t have to be afraid of him.

Luke 12:4-5

My Cult Reflections :

In my reflections of my time in this cult I recall and bring to your mind the blatant hypocrisy of cult master Denis. The rhetoric of the cult now and for quite some time has been that they are the only group that is right with God, that Rony Denis is the man God for the world, and that if you leave their “church” you will go crazy.

The Reverend Rony Denis knew that by his crafty devilish wisdom that he could not spue this venom out of his mouth right away. Look at what he wrote in his departure letter from the New Testament Christian Church (NTCC ):



Notice what he said back then, the underlined portion of the top paragraph states that NTCC has used a “blanket of fear” and would damn your soul to hell if you left. Sound familiar?

Notice also how he says that no single organization can reach the whole world in sufficient time, in other words another group could be right with God outside of the one you are leaving.

This is not what Mr. Denis is saying now. He has done a complete 360 degree turn in the worst way imaginable. He reminds me of a story called Animal Farm.

Rev. and Sis. King were in service in Fayetteville, NC when the Rev. Schmidtke behind the pulpit said that House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC ) was the only church right and that if you leave you will go crazy. Actually sir, the opposite is true. If you stay you will go crazy. I wonder how many people have Mr. Denis caused to be admitted into the mental ward.

House of prayer (HOPCC ) is a cult. I know I have been there since the early days.

My Cult Reflections:

Some of the people in this cult initially appear nice and friendly but inwardly they are ravining wolves. Especially if you speak against or disagree with their pastor, who has become their messiah. Listen to the Reverend Pilkington’s explanation for putting his hands on an elder minister.

Pilkington’s main excuse for putting his hands on this elder minister is because he touched the Lord’s anointed by calling him crazy.

Paul rebuked Peter. Can anyone rebuke Reverend Rony Denis for lying about knowing the date of the rapture? Does Pilkington have the right by God to do what he did because someone disagreed with his pastor.

These people are dangerous! Don’t just take my word for it listen their own words.

My Cult Reflections:

I have always heard that pride is a preacher killer. Listen to this man and judge for yourself.

Have you ever heard a real man of God refer to himself that way? Where is lifting up Jesus Christ?
Is Michael Jordan the one we Christians are to idolize? I do remember years ago seeing a Michael Jordan audio book in his house. Rony Denis also found fault with Rev. Kekel of NTCC for always comparing himself with Jimmy Hendrix, the worldly guitar player. What hypocrisy!

The Bible teaches that if any would be great among you let him be your servant. The man in the audio is the Reverend Rony Denis, he has become by far the proudest man I have known in the church. He has servants as he calls them slaving for him.

Over the past twelve years his bitterness and jealously toward NTCC has been chronic. In twelve short years of HOPCC this man has collapsed into utter foolishness. Pride goeth before destruction. I don’t see how anyone of any true sincerity of heart can remain in such a place and be saved.

That’s why I had to leave!

My Cult Reflections:

One aspect of a cult is for you to only have hope in them and not God. The cult wants you to feel condemned and to only trust in its leader for salvation.

One of HOPCC’s primed brainwashed ministers is the Reverend Pilkington. He came to the Greensboro church teaching us that God loves it when we feel like we are going to hell. This is condemnation. Cults do not want you to trust in the the Bible but in its leader.

Listen to Pilkington and keep in mind Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

These people who believe in what Pilkington is teaching from his pastor must not be in Christ Jesus and must be walking in the flesh.

Jesus said rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Thank God for the hope of heaven. HOPCC tried to take it away but I got away just in time.

Please pray for the other cult members to make it out!

Here is a perfect description of the ones sold out to Rony Denis:


This is why the fuehrer Rony does what he does and actually has come to believe:


My Cult Reflections:

Some time ago I was listening to the news and the newscaster referred to someone as the “Haitian Sensation”. I could not help but to think of another man who may consider himself as the “Haitian Sensation, the greatest thing the world has ever known.

He brags about having so much money and he does because he stole it from the people using their credit and otherwise. I heard him bragging about his “Building crew”.

They make him a lot of money by their illegal activity. Since he has so much money, why not do the job right the first time.

I do remember years ago Jimmy Denis saying that he did have a problem with I Peter 2:13-14. The only ordinance he wants to follow is that which is in line with Kabbalah.

Here is evidence of how his crackpot “Building crew” does his bidding:


This is the HOPCC house in Greensboro, NC. Greed causes you to not do things right. Shame on you Rony Denis!

“No permits issued” And you sir are not permitted to do what you’re doing to God’s people.


During my time in HOPCC I have come to realize that Rev. Denis was playing games the whole time. I actually believed alot of his tactics, but as they continued it became obvious and repetitive that I could tell you what was coming next, it was seriously like a game of dominos, one preacher was getting crushed and then the next and then the next they were made to give false confessions! And get publicly humiliated and then he began to pick up the dominos again, and began the cycle again to knock them back down, and while you might be standing now, you can be assured your turn was coming next, the preachers where like a bunch of animals scrambeling to be able to stand up and pulling there brother/sister down as they try to get up.
Rev. Denis knew this tactic, so he would have some preachers he would not talk to, and say they were so wicked he couldnt talk to them. This preacher would then covet to be on the inside again, while the others that were on the inside would gloat and do whatever Rev. Denis wanted. He would pronounce judgement on you, and then shortly thereafter you would be cleared. This is when I acknowledged to myself that this was a mind control tactic, i could already tell you what was coming next.
What is strange to me is that the Preachers over there feel like it is so real! They are perfectly comfortable living on a roller coaster, thank God we got off and now we are living on a Solid Rock. Its a sad thing that they have allowed this man to play games with there lives!and he has lost pieces during the process, I pray that these pieces can be recovered, but the sad truth is some are never found. With the ones we find we pray that they wont continue to be part of a game, but delivered to not play games but to live the life God has instructed them to.

Sharita Yorke

Rony Denis said that no one could get saved or was getting saved unless he is traveling. He is not traveling as much as he used to but when he did we,the poor pastors, had to supply the millionaire cult leader with a few goodies to make his missionary trip tolerable amongst us savages. Check the list faxed to me by Denis loyalist, William,not my will but Denis will be done, Pilkington sent me:



The great missionary at heart, who hasn’t been anywhere can’t handle the ruff and tuff jungle of the American suite rooms without a little comfy comf. I don’t mind helping to be a blessing and making things easier but come on, this is a cult you did us wrong for years sir!

A Sincere Apology


Here we have if many of you remember Bro. Sunny Abraham.

Pastor and Sister Yorke would like to deeply apologize on behalf of all of the sincere hearted brothers and sisters who supported the work in India.

We want to apologize and acknowledge the failure of HOPCC to properly represent Jesus Christ on earth, we are sorry you got entangled with such deceitful men, such arrogant vipers who condemn people rather than extending the hand of Grace, who attempt to blast you for what they call shortcomings while they actively hide sins in there own hearts and church.

We apologize for those who “nobly” served the poor and oppressed but did it with so much arrogance and complaining that all involved would have profited more if the “servants” just stayed home.

We apologize for you having to endure the venom, and sickening tirade of a man who claims to not only to be a follower of Jesus Christ, but a Shepard over God’s people,

Bro. Sunny Abraham, we think about you and your family often, we pray that God will guide you every step of the way. Jesus died for the Whole world and loves everybody including  India.

The little  time that we got to know you was enough to touch our hearts and show us what true Christianity is.

May God bless you and your family wherever you are today.

Please accept our humble apology,

Pastor and Sister Yorke and the faithful who have left the House of Prayer “Christian” Church turned Cult and the others who are making their way out.

Can someone really be cursed in the New Testament ?

Throughout the Old Testament, its very common for people to see God acting as a God of Judgment, and even in many scriptures laying down ground rules for how to be blessed and avoid being cursed. No one wants to be cursed, one could imagine the stress the Israelites must have faced on a daily basis. Really it coincides with the spirit of the Old Testament. The first place we see the word “curse” is in Gen 8:21 when God said he would no longer “curse” the ground. So we see that even though many Old Testament Scriptures would deal a great deal with this topic, we see the the merciful heart of the loving God of the Old Testament making his first mention of a curse being his promise to never again bring about a specific curse. As this topic runs through the old testament, we see that God is more about taking curses away, rather than instituting them. Remember the first part of God’s Character that he showed to Moses in Exodus 34:6? it was “the LORD God, merciful and gracious, long suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth. Even though many frame God in the old testament as being a God of wrath, from the beginning it was not so. Everything God does is always for a purpose, and the curses in the old testament were always to bring about mercy. These curses were all part of the old testament school master, it was showing us that with out some kind of   divine intervention, we at our best would still come short.  So the question is now, if the school master is passed, can we still be cursed? If we can be cursed, can a man who claims to be a prophet have Gods authority to curse people? Before we go any further, we must first establish that the Bible is God’s Word, and that it is complete, and that he will not change his word for ANYONE! If you are not willing to accept this, than you may be one of the elect that will be deceived. God set up these safeguards in his word to protect us, and anything that falls outside of scripture is cultish, and must be refused.

So what does the New Testament say about curses, and how does it apply to us? Galatians 3:10 says “For as many are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is everyone that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.”

Now Given the above scripture, if we are not doing everything that is written we are cursed. even if we are doing 99.9% of everything that is right,    that .1% will curse us to hell. If we leave it there than everybody is lost, period. But not so fast now, because in v. 13 it also states that “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree”.

Now, what we are about to delve into given the above scriptures is kindergarten  Christianity, but if you have been in a cult like HOPCC (House of Prayer Christian Church) or Assembly of Prayer Christian Church, than this may seem foreign to you, because for the most part they like to teach Old Testament laws and curses, with a little bit of the blood of Jesus just for good measure, even though there actions deny any power in the blood of Jesus.

We all know that Christ died for our sins, but he did not only die for our sins, he had to first become sin. 2 Cor. 5:21 says “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”

Now that is one point, and that is that Christ became sin, so that we could be made righteous.

And the next point is that he was made a Curse so that we might be blessed.

This list goes on……

He became poor so that we could be made rich,

He was broken so that we could be made whole,

He was forsaken so that we could be comforted,

He was rejected so that we could be received,

He died, do that we could live,

He went to hell, so that we could go to heaven.

Many times people only focus on the aspect that Christ died for our sins, but leave off everything else. As much as having forgiveness of Sins is at the heart of the redeemed most thankfulness, we often insult our Lord when we fail to act on the other provisions that he paid so dearly for.

1 Cor. 12:13 says 13For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free, and we were all given one Spirit to drink.

14For the body does not consist of one part, but of many. 15If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. 16And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,”

So we see by these scriptures that we are not only partaking of the provisions made by Christ, but that the Spirit of God has also placed us in his body. We are the body of Christ, so what ever he is, we are also. Therefore, If Christ being our head is healthy, it should not be strange to claim health for the rest of his body (that is us). So in Christ we have these precious promises, but we tend to suffer as Christs members only for one sin, and that is the sin of unbelief. If we are sick, we know he is not sick, so therefore, we should accept that we are not sick either. If we are poor, we know he is rich, so we must accept that we are rich also, and if we are cursed, we know that he is not cursed, so therefore we can conclude that we are not cursed.

It is said that the “prophet” of House of Prayer often threatens to curse people in his own church, and that he can tell God to make a choice between himself and another. Now think back to what we just mentioned concerning the body of Christ. If we all have different functions, that are all needed for the body to function, how can one member tell the head to get rid of another member? Only Sick Demonic people cut, and dismember themselves, so why would we think that Christ our head would work in such a way. The answer is that he wouldn’t. Now I do understand that in medical science, sometimes amputation is necessary, but that is always a decisions the head (Jesus) makes, and not left to another body part. But what if the body part claims to be a  better than another, can it tell the head to do such, well I have never heard my right hand tell me to cut off my left hand because it serves a lesser function, and Christ died for all his members equally, and loves them equally. So if anyone brings such a threat, its safe to say that Jesus cares for all his members equally and would never tolerate such nonsense.

But how about If someone has left the church, can they then be cursed by the “Man of God”? The answer is NO!

Even if they go into Sin?   NO!

No christian ever has biblical grounds to pronounce a curse on anyone, Sinner or Saint.

Romans 12:14 clearly states “14Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.”

So even if a sinner is persecuting you, God will not allow you to curse them? On the contrary but we are commanded to bless them. Now lets not forget that this was at the very heart of Christs Sermon on the mount. how is it that one can so easily forget the basics of Christianity. Anyone claim to have the authority under God to curse people is in violation of scripture, and is not of God. Rony Denis is the Cult leader at house of prayer, and the very heart of his ministry is a cursing ministry, now i’ve heard of people have a healing ministry, but I guess if everyone you pray for either gets more sick, or even dies, a false prophets next course of action is to just get people to believe they are cursed.

But what about delivering such a one unto Satan as stated in 1 Cor. 5:5. There are two things going on here that are often overlooked. 1st, this was not someone who just left to go to another church, but the sin hear was adultery. A man was with his fathers wife. The only grounds given biblically is listed in the proceeding verses,

9I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: 10Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. 11But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”

There you have the list of requirement concerning delivering one to Satan, so if you don’t fall within any of these, you CANNOT be delivered to Satan.

2nd, What exactly does it mean to deliver one to Satan, is it a curse? should the church of the living God draw a Pentagram on the ground, and dance in it until such a one is “delivered unto Satan?” Heaven’s NO! This is not a curse, but a simple excommunication from a   local church for one that is not even a brother or a sister because the sins they are committing classifies them as such. How do we know that it’s not a curse, and just simply excommunication?   Because verse 11 says not even to eat with such a one, driving the point hard that the excommunication is not only within the church, but also in public. Also, 2 Cor 2:5 speaks of welcoming the person back, as in they were out of the Church, but now are back in the fellowship.

It was recently shared that Rony Denis, delivered certain people who had left the church to Satan. Now given that it’s not a curse, but rather kicking someone out of the church, how can Rony Denis kick someone out that’s not there in the first place? Only a Palm reader would have a mind so corrupt to think that simple verses in the Bible are some form of Christian witchcraft. He’s a Nut, and has everyone spooked out over things that aren’t even biblical. he rules by fear, and doesn’t display the love of Christ, or even a functioning knowledge of the Bible for that matter. He constatly has to call on Rev. Bradeen in a public setting to find scriptures for him because the Holy ghost does not work in him so there for scriptures cannot be brought to his remembrance. But what about when he blowes on people, and says it the Holy Ghost, and your going to feel warm? That’s Just his need for a Tic Tack. he has been quoting the same 8 scriptures for several years, how convenient, only scriptures that when taken out of context lift him up as a Cult leader, but what about not being Lords over Gods heritage? The Preacher is not to be a lord, because guess what, the people are sheep, and he is a Lion? NO! He is a sheep also, so he is as a sheep supposed to point us to the true Lion, our chief Sheppard. He is there to Guide us (to the word of God) and feed us (with the word of God), not tell you what to do with your money, or children or spouse. But those are scriptures very foreign to the Cult known as House of Prayer Christian Church, which has its head quarters located in Hinesville GA. Don’t let the prophet Jimmy Jones (Rony Denis) trick you into fearing him. He is a fraud that can’t even remember the words to the hymns that have been sung in church for 30 years, let alone bible verses. He cannot Curse you, the bible doesn’t allow it, and he can’t make a Voodoo doll of you and give you to Satan. He needs to put the witch craft down, and really get saved! But as for those who have escaped this mad man, you are blessed, because Christ is blessed, and no man can take that from you!


Please check back here for recordings as they will be posted in the days and weeks to come. There are MANY available,  and are being held by several individuals  along with other information and documentation so that all evidence is no longer being help by just one man. God forbid that harm should come to any of our informants, this will set off a chain reaction of everything being turned over to the Federal Authorities. Its sad that some have to be in hiding from a church, but thus far we have information safeguarded so that it will not be possible to live and die with just one man.

Real Estate Fraud!

FORECLOSURE LETTER: Beware this can happen to you, if you own any homes that HOPCC is using for profit. Unfortunately your house will be refinanced so many times without your knowledge. In this case payments were made monthly to HOPCC, and as you see they pocketed the $ instead of paying the mortgage. And as usual when questioned they lie, but you can’t lie about the physical evidence that comes to the door, the house you are living in is now FORECLOSED.