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The cult has recently changed it’s name to THE PLACE OF HELP in Hinesville GA. Don’t be deceived it’s still the same CULT!

The truth is finally here!
Welcome to the place of Truth, the place where you can find answers.   Many felt that a publication of such is needed in this present time because 1 John 2:18 says  “even now, there are many antichrists”.  Here we will set forth by the unchanging word of God, the many ways to know, and recognize a false prophet, and the type of organization or false church that a false prophet is usually over.



Bro. J.M. Rodriguez, Why I left the cult HOPCC

Bro. R. A. Yorke, Why I left the cult HOPCC

Jennifer Rodriguez- Why I left the cult HOPCC

Sharita Yorke- Why I left the Cult HOPCC

Leaving the Cult. Brother F. Irwin’s Testimony


It is our mission to inform the public as to the many types of abuses that have been taking place at House of Prayer Christian Church located in Hinesville GA 31313. They also have sister churches located around the country, and sometimes go by the name of “Assembly of Prayer”. If you are concerned that a loved one may be mixed up in one of these groups, please contact us, and we will do what we can to have you informed. House of Prayer Christian Church located in Hinesville GA, and other states, is a Cult. There is know other way of looking at it. Many of our testimonies have come from true insiders, that have supplied us with a wealth of evidence showing us that what many have speculated is indeed true. House of Prayer practices brain washing on its members. They do this by a tactic know as “Love Bombing” if you do a google search on the phrase you will find that this is a technique used by cults to lure prospective converts in by being really nice to them, showing them a from of love and happiness. This is all a front. most people who come to the defense of House of Prayer Christian Church are usually people that may have attended for sometime, but because they do not seem to be non troublesome converts, they are purposely kept away from the inner workings by the leadership. This is a common practice that cults abide by else if they showed their true colors no cult would ever exist. It’s a system of mind control that is monitored by the leadership, as “members” show a willingness to allow council for there lives by the church leaders, they become monitored and brought in a little closer. They slowly work on peoples kind hearted christian nature to trust those above them, and as they yield to the cult little by little freedoms are taken away. One of our informants got to the point that he was working in all manner of real estate for the church, and would work long hours with out pay. by the end of his time in the cult HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH in HINESVILLE  he became a prisoner in his own home, and was told he could only leave to run to the store if he informed Rony Denis (the Head cult leader of House of Prayer Christian Church). Others were pressured into purchasing real estate in their own name with their own credit for the church. once the house were purchased, the members were to never have anything to do with these properties any longer. They were put on the rental market, and all rent finances were then given to the church. Later most of these members would have their credit ruined by House of Prayer Christian Church, as the ones that had taken it over would often skip mortgage payments, while at the same time pocketing the money that came in.

The main thing about any cult, when you do the research, you will find that they are not just secret communities that no one knows anything about hidden underground, but they hide in plane site. They on the outside they look like normal churches, with happy people. They always keep a larger group of love bombed individuals on the outside, to hide what is going on with others. A cult is a world within a world, and usually by the time people get to the point that they see strange behavior they have been slowly brain washed to the point that they themselves think it’s normal. seldom do insiders who see the true inner workings of a cult make it out, and this is because they believe the things they whiteness are now the norm, the “truth” that the rest of the world needs. By the grace of God we have not just insider testimony, but we have insider evidence that shows the world within the world at the deepest levels of House of Prayer Christian Church. Some of the most profound bits of truth we have posted and will be posted are the audio files, that shows secret conversations from the main cult leader Rony Denis, and some of his pastors. many who know these men, and have heard these recordings have been shocked saying these are sides of these men that they never knew existed. That’s how it works, cult leaders are masters at keeping the masses ignorant. It’s no wonder Adolf Hitler was able to do what he did, or Jim jones able to have 1000.00 people willingly take there own lives at the command of the cult leader. During their times, the masses were ignorant of how sinister these men were until it was too late, and history had taken place.

It is our prayer that the masses would be informed and wake up to the injustices being done to these members before it is too late.

At the launch of this website we asked the readers to ask themselves the questions below in regards to knowing if a church leader is really a cult leader or a false prophet. Rony Denis is gulty of all of these. Please re-read the questions, and go back in your memory of such things if you one some that had witnessed these things.

Have they made false predictions that have not come to pass?  Like prophesying that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, and that the weather would change once this happens?

Have they predicted the date of the rapture when no man knows the day nor the hour? Like saying the rapture of the Church would be on Jan. 13, 2018?

Have they been involved in occult and witchcraft types of practices? Such as speaking with the dead ( be it a recent loved one, or characters from the bible) The bible calls these people necromancers and commands that they be stoned. Contacting the dead is forbidden by the bible.

Do they practice palm reading, numerology?

If they have done any of these, they are disqualified from the office of a bishop, because the bible commands that they are to be blameless.

When you look up the Fruit of the Spirit, and the works of the flesh, which do you see in that individual?

The man in the picture below is guilty of all of the above, so come to your own conclusion.